IDEAL Project

CSU is proud to be part of Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership (IDEAL), a three-year NSF ADVANCE Partnership for Adaptation, Implementation and Dissemination (PAID) project to seed gender equity transformation at five regional public universities in northern Ohio (Bowling Green State University, Cleveland State University, Kent State University, University of Akron, and University of Toledo) and continue the transformation at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). The goal of this innovative partnership is to create an institutional learning community empowered to develop and leverage knowledge, skills, resources and networks to transform academic cultures and enhance equity and inclusion. The three objectives are described below:

Objective 1
Create a regional learning community of academic leaders in northern Ohio that is informed about the factors responsible for the underrepresentation of women and minority groups in academic S&E and committed to transforming institutional cultures in S&E disciplines.

Objective 2
Develop a cohort of formal and informal S&E leaders at each partner institution to implement, adapt and sustain customized change initiatives on individual campuses.

Objective 3
Assemble the senior academic leadership of partner universities to disseminate best practices from ADVANCE institutions, exchange regional institutional research, policies and practices, and evaluate change initiatives.

The CSU’s team is led by Co-Director, Dr. Paul P. Lin, Associate Dean of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

CSU Transformation Theme
Encouraging Science and Engineering women and under-represented minority faculty to self-diagnose their knowledge of leadership, and gain that knowledge by actively participating in institutional policy-making committees such as the Faculty Senate and Graduate Council.

CSU Transformation Vision
Women and under-represented minorities demonstrate greater engagement in leadership activities as a result of changes in policies, practices, and structures that may currently impede such engagement.

There are three Change Leaders per institution each year. They are selected from Science and Engineering.

Year 1 Change Leaders (2009-2010)
Dr. Barbara Margolius, Professor, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Kathleen McNamara, Professor, Department of Psychology
Dr. Paul Lin, Associate Dean of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Year 2 Change Leaders (2010-2011)
Dr. Mekki Bayachou, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Susan Bazyk, Professor of Occupational Therapy and Director of M.S. Health Science program
Dr. Nilufer Dural, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Year 3 Change Leaders (2011-2012)
Dr. Constance Hollinger, Professor of Psychology
Dr. Jorge Gatica, Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Fouad Abou- Ghalioum, Associate Professor of Engineering Technology

CSU Team Coach (2009-2012)
Dr. Greer Jordan, Principal, Currie Rhodes Consulting & Research

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