Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Theses/Dissertations Award

Each year the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department considers applications for an outstanding thesis or dissertation. A maximum of two awards are presented each year, one in the electrical engineering area, and one in the computer or software engineering area.

Each award includes a cash prize and a certificate. Nomination forms are due on February 1 each year and can be downloaded here. Past winners are:

2015: Hua Chai - Application aware for byzantine fault tolerance
2012: Thomas Mis - An analysis of data quality defects in podcasting systems
2012: Shen Zhao - Practical solutions to the non-minimum phase and vibration problems under the disturbance rejection paradigm
2011: Song Cui - Modulation and multiple access techniques for ultra-wideband communication systems
2009: Yao Zhang - Load frequency control of multiple-area power systems
2009: Hua Chai - Performance engineering of a lightweight fault tolerance framework
2008: Ke Chen - Dspace implementation of a generalized method of harmonic elimination for pwm boost type rectifier under unbalanced operating conditions
2007: David Avanesian - Hardware implementation of active disturbance rejection control for vibrating beam gyroscope
2007: Lubo Song - Optimal spatial reuse in mobile ad hoc networks