Dean's Diversity Council

Mission and Goals


To promote a culturally and intellectually rich environment for diversity and inclusion, support the education success and personal development of all members of the Washkewicz College of Engineering

DDC Goals for 2016-2017 Year

Goal 1:  Enrich the campus climate for diversity and inclusion through multicultual programs

  • Strategy 1: Strengthen and maintain multiple avenues of assessment of the campus climate for diversity
  • Strategy 2: Foster common understanding of and commitment to diversity

Goal 2: Strengthen Recruitment, Retention, Achievement and Graduation of Diverse Students

  • Strategy 1: Strengthen recruitment of students of color and underrepresented students
  • Strategy 2: Develop an outcome oriented retention plan for diverse and underrepresented students
  • Strategy 3: Monitor student achievement and graduation of diverse students
  • Strategy 4: Maximize engagement of and communication with students of color