Co-ops and Professional Development

Fenn Co-Op Forms

Student Forms Description

Student Evaluation

Students please fill out this evaluation at the end of your co-op experience by the due date listed on your semester syllabus.
FennObjectiveReport.pdf State in outline form specifically what kind of goals you have for your co-op.
Have your Faculty Mentor review and sign the report.
Scan and E-mail, fax, or bring it to the Engineering Co-op Coordinator and
keep a copy for yourself.
Co-op Placement Information Form As soon as you accept a Co-op assignment with an employer, be sure to complete and submit this form.
Co-op Report Instructions Co-op Reports should be submited to the faculty Mentors (couse instructors) for grading. The graded report may be redistrubuted throughout the university or to local industry partners that are interested in joining the Fenn Co-op Program, take care to not include any confidential information, as well as get approval for the report's release from your supervisor before submitting it to your Faculty Mentor.
Fenn Co-op Procedures Procedures to follow in order to participate and complete the Fenn Co-op Program.
Summer 2019 Syllabus Program objectives, Program outcomes, Prerequisites, Class Expectations, Outlined Schedule/Deadlines and Grade information for the spring 2019 semester.
Employer Forms Description
Job Posting Template Forward to Sandra English.
Employer Evaluation The individule supervising the student assumes an imprtant role in the student's learning experience by providing feedback to the individual on their performance level with specific suggestions for personal and professional growth. We encourage the Site Supervisor share the results of this assessment with the student.