Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

The Wirth Lab Receives Funding from ACS to Improve Fracking.

The Wirth Lab received an $110,000 Doctoral New Investigator Grant from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund.  Dr. Chris Wirth seeks to develop new foam technology for the unconventional recovery of oil and gas. Dr. Wirth’s funding will help develop new foams to increase process efficiency for the oil and gas industries, while decreasing environmental impact. During the grant period, Dr. Wirth’s lab will develop and utilize foams stabilized by nanoparticles with tailored surface chemistry to achieve a foam with desirable transport properties. Dr. Wirth is seeking both federal and commercial partners to continue this work beyond the initial two-year grant period. Given that complex multiphase fluids are regularly found in commercial and engineering applications, this work will likely have application beyond the oil and gas industry.

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