Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate Student Poster Session

John Juchnowski, an undergraduate researcher co-advised by Jessica Bickel and Christopher Wirth, won an award for his research poster at the Undergraduate Student Poster Session this week at AIChE. The international meeting took place in San Francisco attracting students and faculty from around the world. The poster session had 535 posters and was split into sections depending on their area of research. John Juchnowski took home a second place award for his hard work. 

John Juchnowski with his poster
John Juchnowski's second place award


Dr. Christopher Wirth presented John Juchnowski's work in a separate section later in the night. A number of people from both academia and industry were interested in his work. John's work was supported by a summer undergraduate research award. His trip was supported by student organization and ChBME department funds.