Strategic Plan

Center Directors

CARE is based in the Fenn College of Engineering. The Center was initiated and has been led by Dr. Majid Rashidi. The directorship will be for a five-year term, renewable after the initial five year term, and every five-year period thereafter. The officers who assign the Director for the Center are the Dean of the Fenn College of Engineering, the University Director of Technology Transfer, and the Provost.

One of the responsibilities of the Director of the Center is to establish and sustain working relationship among agencies and organizations such as:

• Departments within Fenn College of Engineering
• CSU College of Business
• CSU College of Urban Affairs
• CSU College of Art and Science
• Great Lake Science Center
• Ohio State University
• Ohio Department of Development
• UCEAO (Universities Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio)
• NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
• Cleveland Foundation (Third Frontier)
• University of Toledo
• CWRU (Case Western Reserve University)
• OSU (Ohio State University)

Facilities and Organization of Center

Selected Master’s theses and Doctoral dissertations in the Fenn College of Engineering will serve as the pool for the productivity of the Center. As the result of the interdisciplinary nature of the research and design work in the area of renewable, graduate students from all departments in the college will have opportunities to participate in the activities of the Center.

In addition to the graduate students, faculty members from different departments of the college will be able to participate in the research and design activities of the Center.

Initially there will be no need to alter the curriculum of the programs offered by different departments in Fenn College. For example, the existing machine design, structural/finite element analyses, and the electric power generation offered by the M.E. and E.E. Department at CSU could be directly utilized to support the Center’s activities.

The Center (CARE) will have an Advisory Board that meets at least two times during each semester, including the summer semesters. A proposed list of an Advisory Board is presented in Section VIII of this document. The Advisory Board will be selected by consultation with the Dean of the Fenn College, Vice President of Sponsored Research Programs and the Provost.