Division of University Engagement

Public Sphere Pedagogy

Public Sphere Pedagogy (PSP) is rooted in the belief that students learn best through experience, where the student plays an active role in his or her education. Public Sphere Pedagogy - Marijuana Legalization townhall 

Students approach their classroom assignments through the prism of an identified contemporary public issue. Selected faculty will work as a team to identify opportunities within the current class structure to included concepts and assignments related to the public issue. Participating faculty are provided with sample lessons and guidance from the public sphere pedagogy planning team.

Past topics include:

  • A townall discussion about the legalization of marijuana, led by students in a communications class.
  • A community discussion of the arts and culture cigarette tax in November 2015. 

Here are a few materials that will help guide faculty in learning more about bringing the Public Sphere Pedagogy to the classroom:

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