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imgThe Pratt Center will provide a unique multipurpose space – located on the 12th floor of Rhodes Tower - that enables students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds in learning to navigate a diverse global society. Through social and academic interactions, students explore differences and strategies for promoting inclusion in a multicultural environment. Activities such as workshops, discussion groups, and book readings facilitate understanding, tolerance, and collaborative problem-solving.

The Pratt Center - Fostering Success and Leadership Scholarship

The Pratt Center - Fostering Success and Leadership is designed to provide academic support services, personal and professional development activities for CSU students who have exited foster care and are pursuing a Bachelor's degree.  Special attention through customized services will be given to the unique needs of foster care alumni enrolled at CSU as freshmen, transfer students from an accredited institution or returning students who previously stopped - out or dropped - out of college before earning a Bachelor's degree.

PDF iconThe Pratt Center - Fostering Success and Leadership Prog App [2019-2020]

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For more information please contact: April Waltonen a.d.waltonen@csuohio.edu or 216.687.9330.

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