Division of University Engagement

Current LINK Scholars

2015-2016 LINK Scholars

Leah Barney

Leah Barney

Major: Urban Studies Leadership
Internship/Work Experience: America Reads
"The LINK program has helped me expand my network while allowing me to work on my professionalism that will lead to my success in the work force. I would like to work for a non-profit organization or public sector field. I want to be able to say that I have a successful job that’s engaged in my community."

Keiona Blackmon

Keiona Blackmon

Major: Accounting & Business Administration
Internship/Work Experience: JumpStart Inc.
"My experience with LINK has been life changing, this program has showed me a variety of things such as career opportunities, networking skills and academic support. The LINK program has helped support my future goals by helping me jumpstart my career in accounting at Jumpstart along with moral support whenever needed."

La' Metria Carlton

La’ Metria Carlton

Major: History
Internship/Work Experience: Cleveland Restoration Society
"LINK is preparing me for life after college by developing my networking skills and helping me to comprehend the corporate world through opportunities that further my knowledge through workshops and real world experiences."

Abou-Bakar M. Fofana

Abou-Bakar M. Fofana

Major: Computer Engineer
"My experience with the LINK program was great. I get to meet interesting people that help me become less shy. I also get the chance to work on my communication skills which is great because English is my second language. It has also ignited the desire I have to be a leader in my profession and society."

Link Student Deshawn Fuller

Deshawn Fuller


Link Student Jibreel Gould

Jibreel Gould

Major: Marketing
Internship/Work experience: Ohio Aerospace Institute
"LINK saved my life and academic career. Without LINK I’d be ashamed of myself. Now I know so much about my goals, passions and University. My goals are to start a marketing company. It will focus on helping minority tech developers sell their inventions."

Link Student Bianca Gulley

Bianca Gulley


Link Student Martin Luther Grice Jr.

Martin Luther Grice Jr.

Major: Mechanical Engineering
"The LINK program has helped support my future goals by helping me establish and keep connections with various employers, and by teaching me a very important lesson Adaptable, I have learned that one needs to be able to change with society because it is always ever-changing and evolving."

Link Student Bradley Hatten

Bradley Hatten

Major: Mechanical engineering
Internship/Work experience: NASA & Cleveland Hopkins Airport
"My experience with LINK has been a great one. Not only did they help me in the classroom, but also with networking, and meeting great people. They also offer seminars that help with school and finding future jobs." 

Link Student Domonique Hill

Domonique Hill

Major: Criminology/Sociology
Internship/Work experience: Juvenile Detention Center
"LINK has helped support my future goals by being financially, physically and mentally there for me as I succeed in my career. Graduating from CSU a year early is the beginning of my success and attending law school and becoming a defense attorney will be completion to my journey."  

Link Student Rain Kendall

Rain Kendall

Major: Early Childhood Education
Internship/Work experience: The City Mission
"LINK has been a supportive environment that allows me to network with people of different fields, with the opportunity to make connections and form bond."

Link Student Marland Lattimore

Marland Lattimore

Major: Urban Studies/Urban Planning
Internship/Work Experience: United Way of Greater Cleveland
"(Link) has taught me how to network with people in school, during events and with people in my future field of choice. Also it has given me connections and the internship I now have." 

Link Student Kayla Merritt

Kayla Merritt

Major: Biology/Pre-Med
I have had a wonderful experience with LINK. The program has provided me with multiple opportunities and connections. Learning how to network and develop my own “brand” was a key benefit from this program.

Link Student

Sarah Mujahid

Major: Health Science
"It has been a very great program that has linked me with professionals in my field of study and given me many opportunities. After I graduate, I will go to the accelerated nursing program to become an RN."

Link Student Matthew Orosz

Matthew Orosz

Major: Engineering CEET
"LINK has helped me achieve the highest college accomplishments. It keeps me focused. I stay on track and professional."

Link Student Sokhna Seck

Sokhna Seck

Major: Chemistry
"Through LINK, I’ve met many great, like-minded peers who have the same drive to succeed. I plan to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. LINK has offered me networking opportunities and professional training to get to my dream job."

Link Student Christopher “Alex” Snyder

Christopher "Alex" Snyder 

Major: Computer Engineering
Internship/Work Experience: Jumpstart Inc.
"I’ve been with LINK since the second semester of my freshman year here at CSU, and so far it has helped me make connections both personal and professional. I was also able to land an internship. I’m grateful for all of the references I’ve gained from being involved."

Link Student Clarence Tate

Clarence Tate

Major: Civil Engineering
Internship/Work Experience: Rec Center
"(LINK) Introduced me to individuals who have traveled the path that I am on and them helping me every step of the way."

Link Student Mike Wilson

Michael Wilson

Major: Accounting
"(LINK) is encouraging me to continue to search for a greater understanding of self."