eiw 2017


Welcome to EIW 2017!

The Entrepreneurship Education Consortium welcomes you to the 11th annual Entrepreneurship Immersion Week. Each summer we bring together colleges and universities from across the region for an exciting week of learning and living - hosted by one of the EEC members. This year, we are pleased to be hosts.

EIW is an intensive, one-week academic immersion experience for undergraduates from all disciplines to learn the basic skills needed to help them develop new business concepts and participate in a business concept competition. While it is easy to center attention on the final competition, we hope that the learning opportunity, individual experience and team activity association with EIW becomes one of the most unforgettable experiential activities each student has during their college years.

EIW was conceived as an educational venue to explore common goals among organizations seeking to foster entrepreneurial thinking:

  1. Capture the diversity and dept of entrepreneurial spirit in Ohio,
  2. Debunk entrepreneurial mytls - the basic skills that can be acquired and
  3. Foster collaborative activity between students from different institutions.

EIW can be viewed as a virtual "Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence" with the mission ot explore and develop more complete insights and understanding of ways to foster entrepreneurship activity in Ohio. Our USASBE 2010 Innovative Pedagogy Award was an exciting validation of the value our programs provide for students.

Our sincere thanks go to the speakers for sharing their time, knowledge and experiences. We are also grateful for the support of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation without whom this wonderful week would not be possible. Please stop and say "thank you" to Foundation members when you see them!


The Organizing Commitee:

Victoria Avi, EIW 2017 Host & Vice President Jay Schach, Treasurer Jackie Schmidt, Secretary
Robert Chalfant Jeff Eakin Dan Fox
Lee Kolczun Lori Long Julie Messing
John Myers Kay Molkentin Bob Sopko