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Entrepreneurship Education Consortium

Entrepreneurship Education ConsortiumFormed by seven entrepreneurship directors from seven different Northeast Ohio universities, the Entrepreneurship Education Consortium (EEC) promotes both the concept and the reality of entrepreneurship among Northeast Ohio college students of all disciplines.

The first collaborative event, "Entrepreneurship Immersion Week" was held at Cleveland State University in August of 2007.

The mission of the EEC is to provide practical and theoretical education to students to help prepare them to become entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, create new ventures and jobs and build wealth for the region. Beyond imparting the necessary classroom fundamentals, the EEC encourages exploration of new business concepts. Where feasible, the EEC facilitates fully developed business planning up to the interface of project funding, which leads to the actual startup of new enterprises.

EEC sponsors two key events each year. Entrepreneurship Immersion Week and ideaLabs, a regional competition to foster student awareness and interest in business formation. Students compete for their school's three business concept awards (at Cleveland State, this is IdeaVikes), with the top team advancing to the regional EEC ideaLabs competition.

Learn more about the EEC here.