eiw 2017

Competition Presentation Guidelines

We will adhere to a tight timeframe: 
  • 8 minutes for presentations. 
  • 4 minutes for Q&A.
  • There will be 3 minutes transition breaks between presentations.
  • There will be a timekeeper with a countdown clock that will be visible to the presenters to let the presenters know how they are doing on time. 
  • The presenters will be stopped at 8 minutes.
  • The Q&A section will also be limited to 4 minutes per group.
  • Only the judges will be able to ask questions at this time.
  • The timekeeper will give a 1 minute warning.
The judges will be provided with a rubric to be used as a guideline. However, they can add in their own criteria as they see fit.  The decision of the business concept competition judges is final.