Environmental Health and Safety

Donated Equipment Acceptance Guidelines

If an employee is entertaining the potential of accepting donated equipment from a source outside the University, the following should be taken into consideration before taking possession or entering into an agreement to take possession:

  1. Why is the entity willing to part with the equipment?
  2. Is the equipment operational as is, or is there a maintenance and/or repair issue in order to get the equipment to operate properly?
  3. Is the manufacturer still in business that can support any maintenance or repair needed?
  4. Is there any component of the equipment that is considered hazardous or subject to regulations?

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety strongly recommends employees have all prospective equipment to be received by donation tested and inspected, with any repairs indicated made PRIOR to accepting the equipment.

Clarify in writing any terms applicable to the donation process, and remember to consult the Office of the General Counsel prior to signing any agreement.