Disability Services

User's Guides for Assistive Technology

The following information about products is made to help people get a quick start to using Disability Services Hardware and software. This information is not complete. If you wish to learn more about Assistive Technology products please consult the Assistive Technology Specialist, Jeffrey Dell 216-687-2015, or the user's guides in each program's help menu.

Here are a couple of tips to access help inside of some programs

  • For help in JAWS press Insert + F1+F1 or for help while in specific programs press Insert + H. JAWS also has some DAISY tutorials under the Help menu.
  • Dragon - In Dragon the command "What can I Say" will display commands that you can use to manipulate programs in that situation. The Dragon Naturally Speaking Help menu also has tutorials that will walk you through using Dragon commands for dictation and general computer access.
  • Programs like Kurzweil 3000, Inspiration, and Read and Write Gold have excellent video tutorials usually made available in the help menu.

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