Disability Services

Testing Students with Disabilities

Issuing an Online Exam

Tests that are issued to students online need to provide the same accommodations that are offered to students for exams given in class. If a student is eligible for extended time on a exam given in class that needs to be offered with the online exam as well. Information on how to extend times for exams, quizzes, and timed assignments can be obtained from the technical support provided by the manufacturer of the LMS used for issueing the exam.

Additionally all online content issued by a public university must be accessible to all students with disabilities in the same manner as students without disabilities. For most online programs like ALEKS or MyMathLab there is limited to no access for blind students or students that need text to speech. Mandatory use of these modules can present potential legal problems for Cleveland State. Therefore courses that use these tools they need to be advertised and courses that do not require these tools must be available as well. For guidance on accessibility of online course content please consult the Center for E-Learning or the Office of Disability Services.