Disability Services

Students Registered with Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services is here for our students. The information linked above and displayed below directs students who are registered with our office to information and processes that students must be familiar with for receiving their accommodations and interacting with our office. Always feel free to reach out to us if you need additional information at 216-687-2015 or at ods@csuohio.edu.

Faculty Notification Letters and Requesting Accommodations

For each semester, students need to request their accommodations for each of their courses through The Disability Services Online System. This will trigger the accommodation request for selected services like Alternative Text, ASL Interpreters, CART, and Note-Takers. The accommodation request also sends out a Faculty Notification Letter to notify your professors of needed accommodations such as extended time on exams. The Faculty Notification Letter will be e-mailed to your professors after your accommodation requests have been approved by our staff. Students should talk to their professors about the listed accommodations and what to expect in their class. This can be done during the professors office hours or at the beginning or end of class.

View Requesting Accommodations in the Disability Services Online System on YouTube
Requesting Accommodations with Disability Services Online System Instructions
Requesting Accommodations with Disability Services Online System Detailed Instructions

Scheduling an Appointment:

It is strongly recommended for students to schedule appointments with our staff to assure they are available to meet. Please either call the Office of Disability Services at 216-687-2015, e-mail ods@csuohio.edu, or stop in to RW 210 to schedule an appointment with our staff to discuss disability related needs. We do not have regularly scheduled walk-in times. So we cannot guarantee that we are available if students stop in without an appointment. It is only recommended to come into our office without an appointment for dropping off requested documents, using our computers to request accommodations, filling out the registration application, and if students are scheduling an appointment. If students stop in and the staff they need to speak with is not available, we will either take a message for them to respond when possible or schedule an appointment for them to discuss their concerns.

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook will answer many of your questions about available services and how they are provided at CSU. Students must have documentation of a disability in order to be eligible for accommodations.


Sign Language Interpreters, CART, and Captioning

Students requesting ASL interpreters or CART should request their accommodations at least 2 weeks before the start of the semester in order to guarantee the availability of those services when they start classes. Our office also needs two weeks notice for captioning videos. If you need an interpreter for course activities outside of class time, appointments, events, tutoring, or other campus activities we will need you to submit those request through the online Custom Request form. We need those requests 2 days before the event which you need the service. The request cut off time is at 4:00PM 2 days before the event.

  1. Login to the Disability Services Online System
  2. Click Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  3. Click Custom Request
  4. Click Custom Request
  5. Choose from the dropdown list if the request is a Non Class related request or you can choose one of your classes if it is an activity related to the class
  6. Click the Continue to Specify Custom Request button
  7. Please fill out all details of the form as thoroughly as possible
  8. When finished click the Submit Custom Request button

The request will then be reviewed by a Disability Services staff member and sent to the ASL or CART service provider.

Please try to cancel ASL, CART, and Closed Captioning Services as soon as you know you do not need the service. We need a 24 hour cancellation notice for ASL and CART. Please send cancellation notices to ods@csuohio.edu.