Disability Services

Student FAQ for the Remote Learning Transition

The following are questions which we receive from students during the transition to remote learning during mid spring 2020. If your questions are not answered below please reach out to ods@csuohio.edu, testingservices@csuohio.edu or leve a message at 216-687-2015.

Receiving Accommodations

Will I still receive my accommodations?

Yes, despite the move to remote operations all registered students will receive their approved accommodations. However, the shift to remote instruction may impact what the implementation looks like. For questions related to note taking you can email odsnotes@csuohio.edu, for all other questions you can send a detailed email to testingservices@csuohio.edu and someone will get back to you within 48hours. If you prefer to schedule an appointment with an ODS staff member to review, email ods@csuohio.edu with your name, CSU ID, and your availability for the next 7 days.

I need to register with Disability Services because I need accommodations. Can I still do that?

Yes, Disability Services continues to conduct intake meetings and approve accommodations. Please visit www.csuohio.edu/disability/register for directions on how to register wit our office.

I need to request new accommodations because of this online transition. How can I do that?

To request an appointment to update accommodations, email ODS@csuohio.edu with your name, CSU ID, description of request, and your availability for the next 5-7 days.

How can I send documentation with the office operating remotely?

As the office cannot currently receive mail the recommendation is to either email it to ODS@csuohio.edu or have your provider fax it directly to 216.687.2343 (our faxes are forwarded to our email so we will still receive them). If you do not have a scanner, you can take a picture with your phone and send it to our email. If you just recently completed an application you can upload it to our online system as described in the e-mail confirming our receipt of your application.

Testing Accommodations

How will my testing accommodations be handled now that operations have moved remotely?

You will still receive your accommodations. For most courses, your instructor can adjust the time personally through Blackboard. Be sure to email your faculty to request your additional time on any upcoming exams.

What if I need a pen and paper exam?

Pen and paper exam accommodations are not able to be accommodated in the new remote format. However, the disability services staff can work to determine alternate ways to meet your needs during remote learning. Please e-mail testingservices@csuohio.edu for more information.

How will my stop the clock breaks work with Blackboard or other online based exams?

This accommodation can be handled in a couple ways – faculty can work with ODS to add extra additional time to permit a student the necessary time to take a break. However, there is no method for “stopping” the timer at present. If you wish to use this accommodation while taking your exams remotely, please contact testingservices@csuohio.edu as soon as possible to review with a staff member.

What if I need assistive technology to take my exams?

o Your assistive technology should work without modification in Blackboard unless Respondus Lockdown Browser is enabled. If respondus is enabled it will not permit Read&Write, ZoomText speech, and Dragon to interact with your exam. For Read&Write and ZoomText reading functions you can use the ReadSpeaker application which we have enabled in Blackboard to read your exams. If using Dragon to dictate into exams which Respondus is setup there are modifications that your faculty will need to make to enable this. Contact j.dell@csuohio.edu for more information.

If you have any other questions about use of assistive technology please contact j.dell@csuohio.edu for assistance.

Do I still need to schedule with Testing Services to take my exams with accommodations?

You will not need to schedule exams with Testing Services until your exams are back on the CSU campus. HOWEVER, you should make sure your faculty is aware that you intend to test with accommodations. You can simply email the instructor and confirm that your exam is set-up with your accommodations – then list the accommodations you would like to use and are applicable (EX: 1.5x additional time, use of text to speech software). This should be done at least 2-3 days in advance of the exam.

What do I do if I had a make-up exam/incomplete resolution exam/etc that I needed to take?

Please contact testingservices@csuohio.edu for guidance. The exam will most likely need to be converted into an online format since the campus is closed. Please include in your e-mail your CSUID number, class number instructor and original date of exam

Technology and Course Material Accessibility

I need my learning materials (power points, journal articles, text books, etc) made accessible for my assistive technology?

Please contact alttext@csuohio.edu with the course and name of the materials that you need assistance with. If if you have the documents you need please attach them to the e-mail.

I don’t have access to a computer or software I need. What can I do?

Send an e-mail to j.dell@csuohio.edu or call 216-687-2015 and describe what the specific need is – computer, internet, software etc

What if materials which I need closed captioned do not have them?

Imediately contact g.milhoan@csuohio.edu for assistance. We hve been working with faculty to closed caption materials but if something was missed or if some mmaterials were not brought to our attention we need to fix that.

Notetaking Services

I am a note taker. Do I still need to take notes with the new course formats?

Depends on the course format, many courses – especially those with live streamed classes, may still require note taking. Please e-mail odsnotes@csuohio.edu as soon as possible for more information.

I have a note taking accommodations but my note taker stopped uploading accommodations. What do I do?

Send an e-mail to ODSnotes@csuohio.edu with the information about the course you need notes for.

I am a note taker and need to know how to upload my notes. What can I do?

Send an email to ODSnotes@csuohio.edu for assistance

Other Accommodations

I have an attendance accommodation – is this still applicable?

Depends on the format of the course. Please send an e-mail to ods@csuohio.edu to request an appointment. In your e-mail include the courses you are inquiring about, CSUID Number, and availability for the next 5-7 business days

How do I request Interpreters or CART for class esssions or meetings?


Although these accommodations are being delivered remotely during this time the request process is still the same please visit for information on placing ASL and CART Requests.