Disability Services

Accommodation Services

Accommodation Services Offered Through Disability & Testing Services

Accommodation and Notification Services
This page provides information about submitting accommodation requests and sending Faculty Notification Letters to professors.
Accommodated Testing
Proctoring of exams for students who need accommodations related to their Disability.
Alternative Media
Accessible textbook and course material for students with access barriers involving the consumption of printed materials or A/V media.
Notetaking Services
Services that assist students with capturing notes for classes.
ASL, CART, and Closed Captioning
Services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing to provide equitable access to campus resources.
Assistive Technology
Applications and hardware used by students for computer access, course access, and communication.

Accommodation Processes

Note Taking Assistance
This page details the accommodations that are approved by our staff to help a student take their own notes.
Attendance Accommodation
This page explains the communication, rules, and expectations related to approved attendance accommodations through Disability & Testing Services.
Extensions on Assignments Accommodation
This page provides information on the availability, limitations and responsibilities related to requesting an extension on an assignment for students with that approved accommodation.
Accessible Furniture Requests
This page explains the process for requesting accessible alternative furniture in classrooms
Housing and Dining Accommodations
Students must register with Disability & Testing Services to receive accommodations in Housing and must register with us for some accommodations involving dining
Remote Learning Accommodation Process
This is an explanation of the process for requesting remote versions of in person classes for students who are approved for remote classes related to the pandemic. It is important to follow this process for the request. It is not possible that all courses can be converted to remote.

Campus Access Services Ouside of Disability & Testing Services

Accessible Parking - Cleveland State University has handicapped parking in all garages and in most lots around campus. If a person had a state handicapped hang tag for parking issued by the state and a CSU Parking pass, they may also get gate access to park in garages that are listed as full to access the accessible parking spaces.

Dining Services - For students who have specific dietary requirements this may be able to be satisfied without registering with Disability Services For questions about your specific dietary needs or allergies you may want to first contact the dietitians in our Campus Dining Services.

Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX Accommodations - The office of institutional equity handles accommodations related to concerns involving parenting and sexual harassment and violence. If accommodations requests are related directly to those concerns, please reach out to OIE.

Care Team - The Care Team is a service on campus that helps students in distress. They take referrals from all areas of campus and routes students to services that can assist. They also help with getting students through campus processes when in crisis. For short term illness and emergencies, it is often faster to connect with the Care Team than ODS for registration and assistance.

Employment Accommodations - Employees at CSU have a right to reasonable accommodations. Accommodations for employees at CSU go through our Human Resources Department. You can reach out to them at 216-687-3636 or hr@csuohio.edu.