Disability Services

Remote Learning Accommodation Process

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) has been reviewing and assessing pandemic related accommodations. Specifically those in relation to the remote delivery of traditionally on-ground, in-person courses and mask accommodations. We have developed the below processes to enable us to provide equitable access to courses. We are following a similar process to that which was setup for Spring 2022. The following deadlines apply for remote accommodation requests for summer 2022.

  • Students need to complete registration with Disability Services, if requesting Remote Accommodations for Summer 2022, by May 6th 2022 and requesting for classes starting before July 2nd, 2022. By June 17th, 2022 if requesting accommodations for remote classes during second 6 week session.
  • Students must request accommodations for classes which are not currently offered as remote or web during the summer 2022 term by May 13th, 2022 for classes starting before July 2nd, 2022. By June 24th 2022 for second 6 week session classes. Students must enroll in remote or web sections if available.

The availability of this accommodation at Cleveland State has not been determined past Summer 2022. If the accommodation is available in the fall, due to continued pandemic restrictions, the following dates will be used for registration and request deadlines.

  • Students will need to Complete Registration with Disability Services to be eligible by August 5th, 2022.
  • Requests for remote classes would need to be submitted for specific classes by August 12th, 2022.

At this time, we are still unable to approve mask exemptions for medical reasons due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 Variants. Students unable to wear masks for valid, documented*, medical reasons will be considered for remote delivery of courses as appropriate.

  • All remote learning requests and supporting documentation will need to be submitted and reviewed prior to approval for remote learning accommodations for Summer 2022. This means requests for an accommodation must be submitted prior to the start of the semester. If a student is unsure whether the documentation on file will support remote learning for upcoming semesters, please outreach to ODS@csuohio.edu as soon as possible.
  • All remote learning requests for disability related reasons requires a completed application. If you are NOT already registered with Disability Services, please follow the registration process on our website: https://www.csuohio.edu/disability/register
  • *Required Documentation: Documentation submitted related to remote learning requests must adhere to the ODS Documentation Guidelines (https://www.csuohio.edu/disability/node/6630).
  • Please Note: Pregnancy and Parenting related remote accommodation requests should be send to the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE@CSUOHIO.edu).

After reviewing student feedback and best practice in relation to remote learning accommodations, ODS will handle all remote learning requests in the following manner to ensure truly equitable delivery of courses and course materials.

We cannot guarantee that all courses can be delivered in a remote format, which may result in students attending part-time and can cause delays in graduation.

Remote Accommodation Request Process

Please follow these steps:

  1. Students unable to attend classes in-person due to COVID-19 related concerns must first speak with their general education advisor or, if no general education advisor is listed in Starfish, students will speak with their faculty advisor to:
    • Review remote course options and sections for their current schedule
    • If a remote section exists but it is full, and there are no alternate courses available, students should email ODS@csuohio.edu ASAP and CC their advisor to share the course number, section, and instructor information so ODS can assess options for admittance to the course with the department
    • If no remote options exists for the course(s), students should evaluate options for an alternate course schedule that would provide remote access while continuing to meet their programmatic requirements
  2. ODS will review the student’s schedule to assess what courses can be delivered equitably in a remote format.
    • To determine this, ODS will work with the department chairs and instructor of record to review the content of the course, current delivery method for the course, and current technological capabilities of the meeting space.
  3. If the course can be delivered equitably, ODS will work with the Center for Instructional Technology and Distance Learning (CITADL), E-Learning, and the instructor to set-up an appropriate remote delivery method for the course.
    • Please note, the delivery method of the course might be synchronous or asynchronous depending on the nature and format of the course.
    • The delivery method is determined by the instructor of record in conjunction with ODS and CITADL/E-Learning. Although student feedback might be considered during this process, the delivery method is not determined by the student.
  4. If the course cannot be delivered in a truly equivalent or equitable manner, the request for remote learning will be denied
    • In these instances, ODS will assess other potential accommodations to provide safe access to campus and courses
      • Example: Provision of additional personal protective equipment, priority seating, etc.
    • ODS will notify the advisor to confirm no other course schedule is available
    • In the event the student has to take less than a full time course load as a result of a denial for remote learning accommodations, ODS will evaluate opportunities for additional advocacy
      • SAP, Scholarship retention, etc.