Disability Services

Accessible Documents for Spring 2020 Online Transition

For students who have the accommodations under the Alternative Media heading the types of documents you place online may need some additional attention. Image PDF documents or improperly prepared PowerPoint files can make it difficult for your student to read the content you are providing. In some cases your documents may need to be sent to the Alternative Media Specialist to be made more accessible for your student.

Blackboard Ally

CSU purchases access to an application that can be used for verifying accessibility and assisting in remediating documents to provide the level of accessibility which is required. Upload your documents to Blackboard and make them available for your students. When you do the document will get an accessibility score. If your document is scored as either poor or medium it will likely need to be sent to us for remediation. If it is scored as either good or perfect it is fine for the student to use. Blackboard Ally also gives an option for the students to convert the documents to formats which may be more useful to them. Below are some links to resources which can be helpful in checking your documents to make sure they will be good for your students.

Creating High Quality Documents

If you are using an all in one scanner at home it is important to get a good quality image for your documents. Having a good image of a document makes it easier to run it through optical character recognition programs for our students to read. A high quality image has the following features.

  • At least 300 dots per square inch (dpi)
  • Crop the documents pages. Do not have images where the binding or the scan bed around the page can be seen. No hands of fingers in the image.
  • No skewing or fading of the text.
  • If the background of the page is white it is not discolored in the scanned image.

Most imaging software has features where the document can have the pages cropped and DE-skewed. It might also be helpful if the document is not in color to choose black and white for the document. Black and white often removes the discolored backgrounds and fixes problems with the text fading. Consult the help information for the software that came with your scanner for assistance.

Remediating Documents for Students

For students who have the Alternative Media Accommodations like accessible electronic textbooks, accessible non-textbook course materials, or enlargements of documents please contact Bill Milhoan the Alternative Media Specialist for assistance with inaccessible documents. Please use Blackboard Ally to test your documents before sending them to Bill. If you have a PDF document that scores poorly in Blackboard Ally please send it to Bill for remediation.

Send documents to g.milhoan@csuohio.edu if they need to be remediated. Include the date it is being used in the class.