Disability Services

Accessibility Concerns for Remote Learning

As we transition the classes to online platforms we need to consider how the delivery method of the content effects students who require accommodations because of disabilities. The content that is provided to all students in a class needs to be accessible for the students with disabilities in the class. There are three major areas we need to focus on when it comes to accessibility of your classes in this transition.

If you have any questions about the accessibility of your materials or about how to make the online content work for your students please contact us at ods@csuohio.edu or you can also reach out to the Assistive Technology Specialist, Jeff Dell, at j.dell@csuohio.edu with general questions about accessibility or for questions about students using CART or ASL. With questions about remediating documents or captioning videos contact Bill Milhoan. You can also contact eLearning with questions about setting up elements of your course in Blackboard at 216-687-5050 and dial 2.