Disability Services

Faculty with a Student that Needs Notes

Complete access to courses includes the ability to leave class with a useable set of notes. Some disabilities hinder the ability to take one’s own notes, often because of hearing, processing speed, writing fluency, or a number of other reasons. As a result, notetaking is considered a reasonable accommodation under Sec. 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Please secure a volunteer student notetaker for your student (as described below). We cannot require faculty notes. If, however, your notes are available and you do not object to sharing them, they may be very helpful to the student.


It is the right of the student giving the notes and the student receiving the notes to remain anonymous. Do not make an announcement in class where you name the student that needs the notes unless given written permission by the student to do so.

How to Find a Notetaker

We would like you to make the following announcement in class. Then give either all students the Notetaker Information Sheet or just give it to the students that volunteer.

You have a fellow student that is for reasons of having a disability unable to take notes. We need a student to volunteer to share their notes with this student. We need help from someone who takes legible and detailed notes and is not likely to miss many classes to assist us with this. If you are interested I can give you the Notetaker Instructions sheet that will explain how to proceed. Disability Services is offering notetakers $50 per credit hour for notetakers that submit notes for the entire semester and is payable at the end of the semester. If you don’t want to speak up now, please see me after class. Your assistance is appreciated.

It might be necessary to make this announcement a second time if there are no volunteers the first time If There are still not volunteers please contact the Disability Specialist listed in the Faculty Notification Letter you received in your e-mail.

If you receive more than one volunteer, please choose a volunteer by reviewing their notes and keep the information about the other volunteers in case the first student is absent or is unable to continue providing notes.

Notetaker Information Sheet

The Note taker Information Sheet has edit fields where you can type in the information that a student will need when they are adding a class to submit notes in the online system. The most important number is the Course Number which is the 4 digit number that identifies your specific course. The number should be something like 1704 which was for Accounting 221 Section 200 for summer 2017. The course name and professor are just for reference so the student can make sure that they got the correct class selected in the system. This is an Editable and Savable PDF form so you can even fill it out to upload to Blackboard or e-mail if necessary.

Compensating Notetakers

The office of Disability Services, starting Fall 2018, is now either giving students certificates for volunteering or paying our notetakers, $50 per credit hour, upon completion of their assignments. This means if a student is sharing notes for a 3 credit hour class that student will receive $150 for sharing notes for your class. For notetakers that wish to receive this compensation, we need them to complete the notetaker training and submit quality notes within 24 hours of each class session. For compensation, notes need to be submitted either through our online system or to Disability Services in MC147. We will also need notetakers to have their professor sign off on a couple class sessions of notes to verify quality.

Notetaker Faculty Verification Form

All students seeking compensation for submitting notes must show their professors at least two class sessions of notes and have the professor fill out the Notetaker Faculty Verification Form. Please assist the notetaker with this form. When this form is completed the notetaker will need to turn it back into Disability Services in mC147, by e-mail to odsnotes@csuohio.edu, or by fax at 216-687-2343. We want this form completed

within 2 weeks of receiving the assignment.


Facilitating the Notetaker

If your department office is closer to your classroom then the Office of Disability Services in MC147 it would be helpful if you could make the department Xerox machine available to the notetaker for copying or digitizing their notes. Also if the students wish to pass notes through you because one of them does not wish to be identified it would save them the time of going to Disability Services to drop off their notes. Any students seeking compensation must either bring their notes to ODS or upload them to our online system.