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Word Talk

This application works on all versions of windows within Microsoft Word versions from 2007-2016. It installs and displays under the Add-Ins ribbon in word. You just place your cursor in front of the text you want to read and click on Speak from Cursor, Speak Paragraph, Speak Sentence, or Speak Word. You can also create MP3 files by click on Save Sound Files.

To install WordTalk click on the link below, complete their form, and follow their installation directions. For the install you will just need to click on Next until it finishes. When install is complete go to the Start Menu, select All Programs, click on WordTalk, and click Continue. This will add the WordTalk toolbar to Word for you. If you have any problems there are some pointers below the WordTalk Install Guide on this page.

The .NET Framework needs to be installed for WordTalk to work. Don’t worry this is on most computers running XP or Vista. The WordTalk install will tell you if you don’t have it and what to do.

WordTalk Website

The program uses the SAPI 5 voices installed on your computer. If you are running Win 8 or 10 this is actually a good thing because it comes with some really nice voices. To select a voice you will need to choose it in the Control Panel by opening the Speech dialog and clicking on Text to Speech. There you will find all the voices that work with WordTalk.

If you are having trouble getting WordTalk to load in Word than you will probably need to set your security settings to allow Macros.

Allow Macros in Word 2007

  1. Open the Office Button
  2. Open the Word Options
  3. Select Trust Center from the tab list on the left side of the Word Options dialog
  4. Click the Trust Center Settings button
  5. Select Trusted Locations on the left of the dialog
  6. Click on the Add new Locations button
  7. Type “C:\Program Files\WordTalk\” or browse to the location that the macro was installed to (may be Program Files (x89) in Vista or later)
  8. Check the Sub folders of this location are also Trusted checkbox
  9. Click OK
  10. Click OK
  11. And for the last time click OK
  12. Close out of Word 2007 and restart the program

It will not appear in the home tab. To get to the WordTalk options you will need to select the Add-Ins tab in the ribbon at the top of the window. The rest of the directions are the same for configuration and use.