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Natural Reader

The newest version of Natural Reader is Free Natural reader 14 . This works on all versions of Windows. There is also a version of Natural Reader for Mac OS X. To install the program open the installation files from the link below and Run the standardsetup.exe file. You should not have to change any of the installation settings for the program so you can click on nothing but Next, Install, and Finish.

Install Natural reader Free
NaturalSoft Home Page

Reading with Natural reader

Launch the Natural reader Free program from the desktop or under the Start Menu > All Programs > NaturalSoft.

To Read in Natural reader

  1. Click on the Open button in the top left of the window.
  2. Browse for the file that you want to open and click on Open.
  3. When the text displays in the window Click the Play button or Hold Control and Press F9

You can start and stop the reading using Ctrl+F9 or by using the controls in the window.

Reading Text in Other Programs

Natural reader will only open RTF files and Text Files. It does not display or read word documents or webpages in the Natural reader window. However you can copy and paste text from applications that display other document types into a blank document in the Natural reader Free window. To read text in Word, Adobe Reader, Works, Internet Explorer or Firefox do the following.

Open the Natural reader Free program. Open the program and the file that you whish to read. This does not need to be done in that order. Natural reader needs to be opened before you start reading.

To Read the Whole Document.

Place the cursor in the document and Hold Control and Press F9. Natural reader will read the document from top to bottom unless you pause it with Ctrl+F9. This only reads page by page in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To Read Selected Text

If you only want to read some of the text in the document Highlight that text with the mouse or cursor and hold down Control and press F9.

  • Control+F9 will start and Stop reading.
  • Control+F8 will Pause and then Control+F9 will Resume Reading
  • Control+F11 will Clear the Clip Board of the selected passage.

If you wish to stop reading a section before it is complete and start a new section you need to give the Stop command by pressing Ctrl+F11.

Floating Bar

You can activate this feature by clicking on the Floating Bar switch button in the bottom right of the Natural Reader Window or by using the hotkey Control+F11 While in Natural Reader. This shrinks Natural Reader down to some simple functions that you can then use in other programs like MS Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader, or your favorite browser. The floating bar gives you control Play/Paus and Stop controls for playback of highlighted text. You can switch back to the full Natural Reader Window by clicking on the Maximize button in the Floating Bar.