Disability Services

Mobile Assistive Technology

Rules of borrowing

You can borrow the mobile AT for on campus use only. When you come into the office to sign out the equipment there is a contract that you need to sign that specifies the conditions of the agreement. The wording of the contract is below.


On Campus Equipment refers to devices such as Disability Services Laptops, Portable Video Magnifiers, Portable Scanners, or other auxiliary devices that can be borrowed with this equipment for a duration less than a day. The equipment listed on this contract is the property of Cleveland State University and is being loaned to me for use in my classes while I am enrolled at CSU.

I understand that the equipment must be maintained in good working order, and that I am responsible for replacement of the equipment if lost or damaged (other than regular use).

The equipment must be returned to the Office of Disability Services or other designated location and time specified when being borrowed. I will notify the Office of Disability Services of any problems or malfunction during use.

I also understand that I am responsible for the replacement cost of the equipment if it is lost, stolen, or not returned to Disability Services. My signature on this contract authorizes that charge to be made to my account.

A student will need to fill out a form with this contract that gives your name, CSU ID, return time, and return location. The return location will always be Disability Services unless the equipment is being borrowed past our office closing time. In this case an alternative location will be set up. The equipment borrowed under this agreement should never be taken off of campus. If you need assistance filling out the form it will be available at our front desk.

The assistive technology borrowed by this agreement is a privilege extended to students registered with our office. If the student borrowing this equipment is abusing the equipment or not abiding by the terms of the agreement they may lose this privilege.