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Faculty & Staff Appeal

Your Support Makes a Difference

CSU's annual Faculty & Staff Campaign is an opportunity for you to support the University and its students. Contributions from faculty, staff and emeriti do more than provide funds for programs, scholarships and other needs. They are an endorsement of the University, signaling to alumni, friends, corporations and foundations that this is an institution worthy of support.

From the 2013 Faculty & Staff Campaign Chairs

As proud supporters of the Faculty & Staff Campaign, we are honored
to serve as chairs for the 2013 appeal and strongly urge your participation.
Your gift -- at a level that's comfortable for you -- will make a difference!

Our contributions -- whether unrestricted or earmarked for a specific need like Radiance scholarships -- provide the extra financial resources that the University needs to ensure the best possible engaged learning experience for every student. Support from within shows that we are committed to our students, our programs and academic excellence.

Today's economy is challenging to CSU and to each of us as individuals. But the financial hurdles that our students face are even higher. So why not give up a daily coffee and donate the money you're saving? Or have a few dollars deducted from your paycheck? Or use your credit card for an investment that pays dividends?

This year's campaign is just two weeks – April 1-13. Engage with us and help students change their lives through education by supporting our 2013 Faculty & Staff Campaign.

Meredith Bond

Dean, College of Sciences and Health Professions
Annie Hanks
Financial Systems Administrator
Controller's Office
Steve Duffy
Professor, Fenn College of Engineering

There are several easy ways to support the Faculty & Staff Campaign:

  • Donate online
  • Payroll Deduction: Enjoy the convenience of 12 payroll deductions per year.
  • Your gift

    Monthly Payroll Deduction















  • Cash/Check/Credit Card: Mail a cash, check or credit card gift to the CSU Foundation, Union Building, Suite 501.
  • Call the Annual Giving Office at 216.687.3557 to make a credit card gift.

Contact Information

For more information, call the Annual Giving Office at 216.687.3557 or stop by the Union Building, Suite 501.