Counseling Center

Outreach Programs and Services

The Counseling Center provides a wide range of programs and services to members of the Cleveland State University community. The following listing represents a sampling of our programs and services. Please complete and return an Outreach Request Form for any service requests that you may have. We recommend that you submit requests at least three weeks prior to the program date to allow our staff adequate time to schedule and prepare for the requested program.

(Click here to download and open this document in MS Word format Outreach Request Form).

Send completed Outreach Request Form to

  • Orientation sessions: This session is offered to individuals or groups, who are members of the CSU community. In this 15-30 minutes session a member of the Counseling Center staff will present information about the services offered through the Center and how to access them. During this session, time can also be dedicated to identifying specific service needs of the group that the Center can provide programming.
  • Class Presentations: A Counseling Center  staff member can present to a class to inform students about its services and/or present on a psychoeducational topic selected by the instructor, such as stress management, time management, etc.
  • Group Facilitations: This service is for students, staff, and faculty who may need a professional who is trained in group dynamics to facilitate a group activity or process. The staff member may also be able to present on a topic of interest to the group, for which they have knowledge or expertise.
  • Consultations: The Counseling Center provides consultation on a variety of topics to individuals and groups who are members of the CSU community. We can hold one or more sessions with you to address a wide range of concerns, such as, how and when to refer a student in distress, how to deal with conflict in the workplace/student organization, how to deal with a student or colleague who displays bizarre and/or disruptive behaviors, and other concerns.
  • Workshops and Groups: We will design and facilitate one or a series of workshops that cover topics of interest to the CSU community, such as suicide prevention. We will also conduct psycho-educational groups, support groups, and psychotherapy groups, based on the needs of members of the CSU student community. Groups for CSU students are listed on the Virtual Groups page of this website. Members of the CSU community may contact the Counseling Center to find out if the Center can conduct groups or workshops on topics of interest to them.
  • Training: The Counseling Center can provide training to individuals or groups on topics such as suicide prevention, developing effective communication skills, constructive management of conflicts, developing interpersonal skills, among others. This service is offered to members of the CSU community. 
  • Other Programs: The programs listed above represent a sample of the services offered through the Counseling Center. For information on other programs and services offered through the Counseling Center please contact us at 216.687.2277.