Division of Continuing and Extended Education

Workforce Development


Working with partners in the public and private sectors, the Division of Continuing and Extended Education develops workforce training with an immediate focus on in-demand industries such as information technology, computer science and health care.

Future goals include offering training apprenticeship programs and "flipped certificate-to-degree" options. Apprenticeship programs provide an "earn-while-you-learn" training opportunity. A flipped certificate-to-degree allows a student to earn an in-demand industry certificate prior to matriculation for a bachelor's degree.

Workforce Transition Coaching

The Division of Continuing and Extended Education has collaborated with a workforce transition coach to help displaced employees and other job seekers move to a new position or career with confidence. From professionals with years of experience to workers looking for a job for the first time, a coach helps develop employment strategy, assess skills and interests to provide guidance. Workforce transition coaching may include self-assessment, resume building, market research, employment campaign strategies, networking, interviewing and negotiating an offer. 

For more information and costs, please email conted@csuohio.edu or call 216-875-9710.