Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute Research Projects

Around the Chinese language and culture teaching programs and teacher professional development, the Confucius Institute conducts empirical research directed by Dr. Huiwen Li. Research projects are typically conducted in collaboration with visiting professors and researchers in the US and abroad.



1. Chinese language and culture curriculum development

2. Teaching strategy and learning assessment

3. Teacher Training and professional development

4. Culture shock and culture adaptation

5. HSK Testing Validity and placement test development

6. Chinese Characters and Culture




Huiwen Li

Principal Investigator: Huiwen Li, Doctor of Education

Dr. Huiwen Li is the CI educational program leader in charge of CI teaching, research, and journal projects. His research interest includes teacher training and teacher professional development, curriculum development, culture shock and adaption, learning assessment, program evaluation, and psychology in education. He teaches Chinese language and linguistics, Chinese characters and calligraphy, and research methodology.

Hui Pang

Co-Principal Investigator: Hui Pang

Hui Pang, Associate Professor and K-12 English teacher trainer at Qingdao University, China. She began to teach Chinese in CSU from October, 2016. Her major research interests are Teaching Methodology, Pre-service and In-service Teacher Training and Teachers’ Professional Development.  She teaches Chinese language and Chinese Culture through Films.

Shunqin Li

Shunqin Li, Master of Arts

Shunqin Li, visiting professor from International College, Yunan Agricultural University, China. Her main research field is Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Yufei Guo

Yufei Guo, Master of Arts

Yufei Guo, visiting professor from Jiamusi University, China. Her main research field is culture, second language acquisition and teaching methodology.

Lu Geng

Lu Geng, Master of Translation and Interpreting

Lu Geng, visiting professor from Hefei Technology College, China. Her main research field is English-Chinese translation and second language acquisition.

Xiaocong Ding

Xiaocong Ding, Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Xiaocong Ding, visiting professor from Tianjin Electronic Information College, China. Her main research field is Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.




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