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Profs. Fang Liu and Ninghui Liang Made a Presentation

On April 23, the Confucius Institute at CSU invited Profs. Fang Liu and Ninghui Liang to present lower level class practice design and learning assessment. Around fifty Chinese language educators and students from all over the world attended this virtual workshop. Prof. Fang Liu discussed the language practice strategy and design with many real examples from her teaching experiences. Prof. Liang talked about learning assessment, which incorporates formative and summative approaches. Moreover, Prof. Liang stressed the criticality of strengthening Chinese language programs under such circumstances. This event was hosted by Dr. Huiwen Li, who also made comments on course design and learning assessment.


Dr. Huiwen Li Chaired and Presented at CLTA Annual Conference

On April 11, Dr. Huiwen Li chaired a panel on the Chinese calligraphy curriculum and teaching at the Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA, USA) Annual Conference. He also made a presentation on Chinese calligraphy course needs in the K-16 settings. In the presentation, Dr. Li reported his two recent research studies. In the two studies, Dr. Li employed qualitative approaches to investigating the current course status, teacher preparation, challenges, and opportunities across all education levels. At the panel session, Dr. Haixia Wang, from the University of Pittsburgh, and Ms. Ren Li, from Brockton High School (MA), also presented their Chinese calligraphy course design, teaching strategies, and promotive activities in local communities. At the end of the session, the three presenters answered questions from the audience. ​​​​​​​



Profs. Kai Li and Kening Li Made a Presentation

On March 26, the Confucius Institute at CSU invited Profs. Kai Li and Kening Li to make a presentation on college Chinese language course and teaching design via Zoom. Around 120 Chinese language educators and students from all over the world attended this virtual workshop. Prof. Kai Li discussed the rationale for the Chinese language course design and teaching strategy. Prof. Kening Li presented her recent research findings on what to teach, how to teach, and how to grow professionally. Dr. Huiwen Li served as the host for this event.

Ms. Haiyun Lu and Dr. Krashen Made a Presentation

On March 13, the third teacher training workshop was held by the Confucius Institute at CSU. A total of 130 language educators from the United States attended this training. Ms. Haiyun Lu and Dr. Krashen and co-presented "Emotional Wellbeing and Teaching during Covid 19". Ms. Lu shared how Chinese language teachers should practice mindfulness and meditation to address emotional stresses and remain healthy. She illustrated how she decorated her classroom to help kids and the teachers get the best out of the current situation. Dr. Krashen discussed the paths that great figures followed. He encouraged each of the educators should define and follow his own path to professional success. Dr. Huiwen Li hosted this event.

A New Course Open for Registration: Learning Chinese through Music

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Chinese New Year Celebration


chinese new year





The Second Session of 2020-2021 Academic Year CI Teacher Training

On January 9, the second teacher training workshop was held by the Confucius Institute at CSU. A total of 170 language educators from the United States attended this training. Dr. Krashen and Ms. Haiyun Lu co-presented "The language acquisition device never shuts off". Dr. Krashen talked about topics of language learners' life-long learning ability, language accent, output filter, and how to improve language proficiency. Ms. Lu shared her teaching design and activity organization based on comprehensible input theory. The presenters answered many questions raised by the audience. Both the presenters and the audience had a very pleasant and interesting experience. Dr. Huiwen Li hosted this event.

The First Session of 2020-2021 Academic Year CI Teacher Training

On December 19, the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University hosted its first virtual training session of the four for the 2020-2021 academic year. This session was focused on optimal input in second language acquisition. The two training specialists, Dr. Krashen and Ms. Haiyun, are distinguished second language educators with many publications--Dr. Krashen is famous for his Comprehensible Input hypothesis, and Ms. Lu is a well-acknowledged TPRS practitioner in Chinese language teaching. This training attracted more than eighty language educators to attend and reportedly benefited significantly from this training.

The Great Lakes Chinese Consortium Hosted 2020 Chinese Speech and Talent (Video) Contest

The Great Lakes Chinese Consortium hosted the 2020 Chinese Speech and Talent Video Competition in October-November 2020. With a total of 120 K-12 Chinese language student participants, this contest highlighted video-recorded performances of Chinese language speeches, Kungfu, Chinese song singing, Chinese style painting, and dancing. Following the news are selected video screenshots of the performances. The participants this year are mainly from the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Western New York, and Wisconsin.



New Publication: Unit Plans on Selected Topics for Beginning Chinese

As one of the few outcomes of the CSU Confucius Institute teacher training, a new E-book has been published by Ignite Chinese with the title as Unit Plans on Selected Topics for Beginning Chinese: Curriculum & Teaching Design Implementing Effective World Language Principles. The book chapters were written by the visiting teachers/professors affiliated with the Institute. Huiwen Li and Na Li served as the chief editors.

The book provides the unit plans on ten commonly seen topics of the Chinese language for beginners. Its purpose is to illustrate how unit plans should be developed with effective world language teaching principles. These principles include but are not limited to the five “C” goal areas (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities), the three modes of communication (Interpretive, Presentational, and Interpersonal), backward design, authentic language application, and higher-order learning. The target users of this book are middle school Chinese language teachers, but this publication may be also helpful for other readers interested.

To view and download for free, please visit

The Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University Chinese Language Teaching Symposium, 2020

On May 22 and 23, the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University held via Zoom the Chinese Language Teaching Symposium, 2020. At the symposium, a total of 22 Chinese language teachers made presentations on the teaching of the Chinese language. Topics covered included teaching material development, teaching activity design, technology in classroom teaching, learning assessment, etc. The presenters were from the United States and China. There were around 240 participants that attended the two-day event. They were from the United States, China, Germany, France, Italy, Swiss, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and Canada. The participants reported that they learned a lot from the presentations which will be beneficial to their teaching. Dr. Huiwen Li hosted the two-day symposium.



New Publication: 美国中小学优秀中文教师访谈录 Portraying Well-accomplished Chinese Language Teachers in the United States: An Interview Study


Book 美国中小学优秀中文教师访谈录 Portraying Well-accomplished Chinese Language Teachers in the United States: An Interview Study (written in Chinese) was published by Ignite Chinese, which closes an interview study project launched in 2018. This book introduces nine Chinese language teachers in the U.S. and their stories of professional preparations, commitment to language teaching, and diligent working, and great love for their students. It is aimed that novice teachers, student teachers, and other readers at large can benefit from the book. The research team members, Hui Pang (Principal Investigator), Lu Geng, Shunqin Li, Xiaocong Ding, and Yufei Guo, conducted multiple interviews with nine teachers in the past two years, with the guidance of Dr. Huiwen Li. The book cover was designed by Huiwen Li.

ISBN: 978-1-942714-36-1 (Imprint); ISBN: 978-1-942714-37-8 (E-book)


Hong Zenisek NOminated as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction


Hong Zenisek is the Chinese teacher at Euclid High School, one of our Confucius Classroom programs. This year, she was nominated as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction, in recognition of her impact as an educator, leader, and role model, by her student, Chrislynn Brownlee. Chrislynn is a member of the National Society of High School Scholars.

For three years, Chrislynn studied Chinese with Ms. Zenisek. She had no prior learning experience of the Chinese language before coming to Euclid Chinese Level One. Still, during these three years, she won Third Place for Ohio Chinese Essay Competition and Third Place for Ohio Chinese Speech Competition.

Ms. Zenisek has taught at Euclid High School for four years. Previously, the Confucius Institute at CSU established the Chinese program at Euclid primary schools. Ms. Zenisek applied and was granted the Confucius Classroom, and has been a very active participant and supporter for CI’s programs. She effectively established and developed Chinese programs at her High School, from ground zero to today’s nearly a hundred students in three levels. (Level Four will start next year.)

In nominating Ms. Zenisek for the Educator of Distinction, Chrislynn wrote:

Ms. Hong is very passionate about teaching her students the Chinese language and culture and striving for their excellence. She sets up many activities for us such as Chinese New Year and takes us to many competitions for us to share our learning experience and to gain awards. She is very helpful and considerate and pays attention to each one of her student's needs. She is very fun and enjoyable to be around and does a great job at her work. She has paved the way for me and others in our language learning careers, which we will carry with us forever. For such reasons like these is why I nominate her for Educator of Distinction.

The Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction program is named for the Chairman, Claes Nobel, a senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes. Mr. Nobel strongly believes that educators play a pivotal—and under-acknowledged—role in preparing students for success in school and in life. In that spirit, we have created the Educator of Distinction program to honor and reward exemplary teachers, counselors, and administrators.

Congratulations to Ms. Zenisek for this prestigious nomination!

Confucius Institute Spring Teacher Training (1)

On March 8, 2020, Confucius Institute (CI) hosted the first teacher training of the spring semester. Ms. Na Li was invited back as the trainer, and ten Hanban teachers working at CSU and K-12 schools attended the training.

This training focuses on teaching material development for the research project initiated at the CI Fall 2019 training. Ms. Li went over the theories introduced in the previous training sessions. These theories include Proficiency Level Definition, Backward Design, Stages of Teaching and Learning, Three Modes of communication, Standards-based and Thematically Organized Curriculum, and Can-do Statements Design.

Working with the teachers, Ms. Li and the teachers reviewed the learning materials teachers drafted and regulated the structure of, and connections with, the chapters. Through the training, teachers have been clear on how to revise the materials.

To the teachers' surprise, Ms. Li brought a Women's Day gift to each of the teachers. Happy Women's Day!





CI Teaching Design Seminar

On February 26, CI visiting professors, Yufei Guo, Shunqin Li, Wenjun Wang, Yuqing Luan, and Huaying Wang, organized a teaching design seminar at the CI conference room. They discussed topics such as authentic language, Five C's, learning objective designing, and teaching plan development.


CI Is Playing a Bigger Role in the City of Cleveland

The City of Cleveland has been planning to establish a cultural relationship with cities in China and supporting cultural organizations to build up cultural exchange programs. Morgan Conservatory (an arts center located in Cleveland, dedicated to every facet of papermaking, book arts, and letterpress printing and to cultivating the talents of established and emerging artists), that hoped to connect with artists and arts programs in China, is one of the institutions that Cleveland City decided to assisted for this purpose. To facilitate the project, the CSU Confucius Institute hosted a three-party meeting at CSU on February 14, 2020, with Mr. Alex Lackey, Mayor's Office International Affairs Coordinator, Ms. Geri Eileen Unger, Executive Director of Morgan Conservatory. CI staff, Dr. Yan Xu, Mr. Liwei Huang, and Dr. Huiwen Li, attended the meeting. All parties fully exchanged their thoughts at the meeting and reached a rough agreement on launching projects of artist exchanges, art student field trips, and summer camp programs. All agreed to have follow-up meetings once Morgan develops a clear reachable plan.

Chinese New Year Celebration

The Chinese New Year's Day, called Spring Festival by Chinese, is determined by the lunar calendar and is normally one month later than the regular New Year. 2020 in Chinese culture is the Year of the Mouse. To celebrate the most important festival, Confucius Institute hosts a celebration on February 1 with CAFSA.

new yearnew yearnew yearnew yearnew yearnew yearnew yearnew yearnew yearnew yearnew year

In addition, CI also participated in the celebration with the Cavaliers and Cleveland Clinic.

new yearnew year

new yearnew yearnew year


Let's Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Cavaliers

Purchase a Cavs-Bulls Chinese New Year Game ticket at such a low price and celebrate the biggest Chinese festival by watching the best basketball game in the world.


Prof. Shunqin Li Received the Individual Performance Excellence Award

Visiting Professor Shunqin Li received the Individual Performance Excellence Award from the CI Headquarters on December 10, 2019. Prof. Shunqin Li has been serving at the Confucius Institute at CSU since Fall 2017. She teaches Chinese language and culture classes to all ages and proficiency levels. She is very active and proactive in the outreach, program operation, and teaching experience sharing, and is involved in cultural activities on-campus and in the local community. She is also among the leading group of academic research at the Confucius Institute.



CI Teacher Training

On December 7, Saturday, the CI hosted the second teacher training of Fall 2019. The training consisted of two components--the cross-disciplinary research approaches and the learner-centered teaching planning and delivery.

As the first group of training presenters, Dr. Xingyu Li is an associated profession at Yunnan Agricultural University and a visiting scholar at CSU, and Dr. Guoliang Qiu is a professor at Jiangxi Agricultural University and used to be a visiting scholar at CSU. Dr. Li presented the network pharmacology analysis of the activity mechanism of Chinese herbal medicines and Dr. Qiu reported his investigation of rural governance through field research. Dr. Huiwen Li led the discussion about how the two research methods could be supportive of educational research.

In the second half of the training program, Ms. Na Li, senior K-12 education training specialist, trained the CI teachers on how to apply American foreign language teaching principles in Chinese language instruction. Based on the training, a new research-based project was developed at the end of the activity--a 12-unit elementary language level teaching and learning textbook. Every CI teacher was assigned a unit and they will spend one semester to finish the project.

Photos below in order: 1. Dr. Xingyu Li; 2. Dr. Guoliang Qiu; 3. Ms. Na Li; 4. Ms. Na Li is lecturing; 5. CI teachers, Qiaozhen Chen, Haina Du, and Yufei Guo, are in the discussion; 6. Group photo


CI Faculty Attended the ACTFL Convention

On November 22-24, Drs. Yan Xu, Huiwen Li, and Profs. Yufei Guo, Shunqin Li attended the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Convention at Washington, D.C. "The ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo is where language educators from around the world come to meet! This global event brings together more than 8,000 language educators from all languages, levels, and assignments." (ACTFL, 2019)

At the Convention, Dr. Xu and other faculty attended presentations and workshops, observing the newest practices and research on Chinese language teaching and learning, and communicating with educators and program leaders. Dr. Li made a presentation on the Chinese language teacher competency research series launched by the Confucius Institute at CSU. Prof. Shunqin Li shared her teaching approaches with other Chinese language teachers.


Followup Discussion on Classroom Teaching and Management

Ms. Esther Seday, the CI invited training specialist, paid a visit to the CI office on Nov. 27. Ms. Seday and Dr. Huiwen Li organized a group discussion on classroom teaching and classroom management for it. The interaction was focused on teaching strategy and classroom activity organization and some tough issues were addressed in the conversation. All visiting professors and three visiting teachers participated in the activity.


CI Visiting Professors Involving in Culture Exchange Activities on Campus

Visiting professors at the Confucius Institute are diligent to involve themselves in cultural exchange activities. On Oct. 11 Wenjun Wang and Yufei Guo were invited to a class discussion on what China looks like today and how Chinese culture has impacted China economically. The two visiting professors introduced to the students the great economical changes in China with their experience, and how the Chinese culture, technology, and science shaped the people’s lives in clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc. The students were very interested in the fast development of China and eager to learn more.

On October 23, Huaying Wang was also invited to make a presentation on Confucius and his teachings to students of world history students. Students learned the basic history and philosophy related to Confucius and got decent information from the native Chinese visitor. This presentation updated students' knowledge of these important cultural topics.

CSU-CUEB Urban Forum

Chinese Language Teaching Plan: Designs and Analysis Published

The book titled Chinese Language Teaching Plan: Designs and Analysis (open access) (《中文教案设计实例与分析》) is published by MSL Academic Endeavors, Cleveland State University. This book collects twelve Chinese language teaching plans written by experienced K-12 school teachers in the United States. The teaching plans cover the elementary through advanced language proficiency levels. Modules in each of the plans include content and topic, student status, standards, learning targets, class materials, teaching/learning methods and procedure, and learning assessment, followed with a teaching plan analysis that explains the rationale for the design, special features, and user guide. With this teaching plan book, we aim to provide some good teaching plan examples for current and student teachers.

Editors of this book are Huiwen Li, Hui Pang, and Esther Seday.

To read the book, visit

lesson plan cover

lesson plan cover

Dr. Xizhen Qin Was Invited to Present at CI Teacher Appreciation Day and Teacher Training Workshop

On October 4, Dr. Xizhen Qin was invited as the keynote speaker to present at the CI Teacher Appreciation Day. Dr. Qin's presentation was focus on redefining the concept of culture. To her, culture can be defined from three aspects: informational culture, achievement culture, and behavioral culture. In Chinese culture teaching, according to Dr. Qin, we put a lot of emphasis on the first two types of culture content but have ignored the last, i.e., behavioral culture, which is supposed to be the core of Chinese culture education.

On October 5, Dr. Qin continued her presentation on Chinese culture teaching at the Teacher Training Workshop. This presentation was given around the Performed-Culture teaching approach. Developed from Ohio State University, Performed-Culture has long been proved a practical teaching approach in the field of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL), but misunderstandings and ignorance still exist among Chinese teachers. At this training workshop, Dr. Qin introduced the fundamentals of Perform-Culture approach, including the concept of culture, the new roles of teachers and students, and tasks for the two parts. Participants from Cleveland local K-12 schools teaching activity design and strategy development. This workshop addressed the issues of Chinese pedagogy on both the conceptual and practical levels through video clips and demonstrations.




Dr. Zhijun Nie Presented on Literature Study on Jing-branch Christianity In Tang Dynasty

On October 3, Dr. Zhijun Nie made a presentation at the Confucius Institute (CI) at CSU about the literature study on Jing-branch Christianity in the Tang dynasty. Dr. Nie listed the historical and literary evidence he gathered in his research and introduced the history of Jing-branch Christianity in the Tang dynasty. He also discussed the connections between the branch and the Roman period Christian religions. Dr. Nie and his three other colleagues from Hu'nan University of Science and Technology (HUST), CI visiting professors, and other university professors attended the presentation.



Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology (CLTMT) Indexed by Ulrichsweb and VIP (维普)

On June 4, Ulrichsweb decided to include CLTMT in its publication archives. Ulrichsweb is a collection of detailed information about more than 300,000 academic and scholarly journals, e-journals, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more. This inclusion of CLTMT indicates their acknowledgment of the academic quality of the journal.

On July 1, Chongqing VIP Informations (维普) also agreed to index CLTMT in their open-access journal list. The VIP, formerly known as Database Research Center under Chongqing Branch of Institute of Scientific & Technical Information of China, is the earliest and one of the largest journal Literature database platforms in China.

Confucius Institute Completed Its 3rd Workshop of the Training Series

On June 1 the Confucius Institute conducted the training workshop on learner-centered teaching assessment. Ms. Na Li, a famous training specialist in Chinese language teaching and learning was invited to provide the training. Ms. Li guided the trainees to be familiarized with learning assessment tools and develop rubrics step by step. Through the hands-on practice, all trainees reported they learned a lot of practical methods and will exercise these methods in future teaching.

Before the training session, trainees also shared teaching methods, technology, and ideas generated from previous training, conference, and teaching. The information proved very helpful for the improvement of language and culture teaching.





Collaborative Program Meeting Held at Cleveland Public Library

A meeting was held on May 25 between the CI and Cleveland Public Library (CPL). CPL Foreign Language Department Coordinator Caroline Han, CI Head Teacher/Assistant Director Huiwen Li, and Visiting Professors Shunqin Li and Yufei Guo had a discussion on the program collaboration for the coming school year. Caroline Han expressed appreciation to the CI for supporting the Chinese language and culture program and hope to expand and deepen the collaboration with the CI.

CI Visiting Professors Participated in the Cleveland Asian Festival

Wenjun Wang, Yufei Guo, Shunqin Li, and Hongmin Yu (volunteer) participated in the Cleveland Asian Festival on May 18 and 19. They introduced Chinese culture and the CI language and culture courses to visitors. The booth attracted a lot of students and community members.

Asian FestivalAsian FestivalAsian Festival

CI Teaching Staff Made a Poster Presentation at the CSU Provost's Teaching Summit

On April 25, 2019, CI teaching staff attended the CSU Provost's Teaching Summit. This is the first time that CI staff has got involved in this highest-level academic event at CSU. At the summit, Yufei Guo, Shunqin Li, Xiaocong Ding, Wenjun Wang, and Huiwen Li made a poster presentation titled Maximizing Student Learning Through Innovated Teaching. This presentation summarized the new teaching methods that CI teaching staff has adopted in the Chinese language classroom teaching including movie talk, cross-level learning assessment, and hi-tech uses, which attracted many faculty members attending the summit.

Provost's Teaching SummitProvost's Teaching Summit

Huiwen Li Presented at The 2nd CLTA Annual Conference

On April 5 - 7, 2019, the 2nd Chinese Language Teacher Association (CLTA) Annual Conference was held in Seattle, WA. Huiwen Li made a presentation on Chinese calligraphy course development and teaching to attendees. Many of the attendees commented that teaching Chinese calligraphy becomes critically important as it is a key component of Chinese culture and, in addition, it should be a good strategy to enhance the Chinese language program in the United States. They expressed their increased intention to incorporate the Chinese calligraphy course into the Chinese language curriculum of their university/school.

CLTA Annual Conference Presentationpresentation

Legends of China: Culture and Poetry Event Co-hosted by LPL and CSU-CI

By Shunqin Li, visiting professor from Yunnan Agricultural University in Confucius Institute at CSU.

Legends of China: Culture and Poetry which was hosted by Lakewood Public Library (LPL) attracted about 20 visitors in Cleveland Area in March of 2019.  The four-week Chinese Poem Culture course was offered in collaboration with LPL and Confucius Institute at CSU (CSU-CI). The course was presented by Shunqin Li, a visiting professor of CSU-CI. 

Concentrating on poetry from the Tang Dynasty, this poetry series opened a window to Chinese culture. The professor incorporated multiple traditional art forms such as music, calligraphy, and blow ink painting.

The participants enjoyed reading the Tang poems in Chinese, singing a poem, writing Chinese calligraphy, and “painting” a plum blossom by blowing ink. They are happy about the great event.


Group photo after sing a Chinese poem


Chinese Poem and Calligraphy class


Show calligraphy work of “爱” ("Love")


Blow ink painting


Show our blow ink painting Plum blossom

Holocaust Remembrance at CSU: Jewish Refugees in Shanghai


The Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University Honored the Confucius Institute of the Year

At the 12th World Congress of Confucius Institutes held in Xi'an, China, on Dec. 12, 2007, the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University (CSU) was awarded the Confucius Institute of the Year. Dr. Anthony Yen received the award on behalf of the Confucius Institute at CSU.

Dr. Yen talking about the award

Anthony Yen, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University (CSU) attended the 12th World Congress of Confucius Institutes held in Xi'an, China. This is his report.

I am happy to share the good news with you. This year at the annual World Congress of Confucius Institutes the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University was one of twenty Confucius Institutes that received the award for Outstanding Institute. This is the tenth anniversary of the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University. 2,500 delegates from around the world attended the Congress.



On behalf of the Cleveland State University, I accepted the award from Vice Premier Liu Yan Dong of the People's Republic of China. I want to thank all the members of Confucius Institutes, the directors Dr. Yan Xu and Prof. Zhang Xuhong, and all the teachers, for their hard work and thanks to Dr. Zhu Jian Ping, Provost, and Dr. Ronald Berkman, President of Cleveland State University for their support.

I also thank Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and his team especially Dr. Valarie McCall and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge and her team for their support and all the superintendents and principals of schools of Greater Cleveland for their cooperation and hard work together as a team we earn the Distinguished Institute award.

The Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University will continue to work hard to reach out to more schools to provide teachers to teach the Chinese language and Chinese culture to prepare our children to have a better understanding between China and the United States. Through communication, we will have a better understanding of each other and generate cooperation and world peace. 

2017 Chinese New Year Celebration

On February 4, 2017, the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University held their biggest event of the year – the annual Lunar New Year Celebration. Every year, the CI puts on a festival filled with performances from local schools and organizations which draws thousands of spectators.

The event, which was held on the Cleveland State University Campus, packed the Main Classroom Auditorium to its seating capacity as observers came from all around to celebrate the Year of the Rooster.

This year, the performers were selected from an earlier Art Performance Competition. Those schools and organizations who came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or won an Outstanding Performance Award advanced on to perform at the Lunar New Year Celebration. They included individuals, organizations, and local schools. The performances themselves were a myriad of songs, instrumental recitals, dances, Taiji, and Kungfu demonstrations. There were 15 performances in all.

At the end of the show, the performers were awarded plaques signifying their placement in the earlier Art Performance Competition. 1st Place Prizes were awarded to the Great Wall Enrichment Center for their Kungfu Variety show as well as their Qiao Ya Chinese Dance, and the WCCA for their dance performance.

2nd Place Prizes were awarded to Shenee King for a dance performance, the WCCA for a Violin/Piano ensemble, and the Great Wall Enrichment Center for their Family Musical Instruments Show.

3rd Place prizes went to Campus International School for their student performance of Ma Lan Yao, Zijuan Fan for her musical instrument rendition of the song “Spring at Snow Mountain” and Lewis Zou for his performance of “Colored Clouds Chasing the Moon.”

Outstanding Performance titles went to the WCCA for their 32-Style Taiji Sword demonstration, to Antonio Torres for an acrobatic performance, Wenzhu Sun for her Urban Dance Mash-Up, Morgan Pychowycz for her Perfect World interpretive Dance, Aerys Scott for the singing performance of a Chinese New Year Song, and Wayne Nieh for his traditional Chinese Opera.

When the performances concluded, and the plaques distributed, the CI hosted a small reception in the Main Classroom Lobby which featured free finger foods and drinks to those who attended the event.

Thank you to all of our performers, to those who came out to celebrate, and our staff for their hard work and dedication. Until next year!


Chinese Bridge Summer Camp Reunion

The Confucius Institute held a reunion for high school students who participated in the 2015 and 2016 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp, a program that allows qualifying students to travel abroad in China for two weeks and learn about the Chinese language and culture through immersion.

The reunion – led by Xuhong Zhang, the Associate Director of the Confucius Institute, and Qiong Yan, a CI Project Manager – served multiple purposes. First, it allowed students from different schools and regions in Ohio to reunite and reflect on their trips. Second, it allowed the Confucius Institute to glean information about what the students enjoyed, what they remembered most, and what could be improved for future trips to China.

The students were treated to a slideshow featuring pictures from past trips, and many recognized themselves in the photographs. Once everyone had arrived, lunch was served, and the reunion officially began. After everyone had eaten, a Q&A session began, and CI staff asked questions like, “What was your best memory from the trip?” “How was your experience interacting with Chinese students and teachers?” “How did the trip affect your plans for the future?” and “What could be improved in future trips?”

All of the students had positive experiences during their travels, and all had different reasons for going. One student wants to pursue a career as a chef and went to China in order to experience authentic Chinese foods. Another student plans on majoring in Anthropology and wanted to be immersed in a different culture. Others plan on pursuing business and wanted to see one of the greatest business-oriented countries in the world. One thing all of the students wanted was to learn about the Chinese language and culture in the country itself.

The students and chaperones in attendance all agreed that they would never forget their trip to China and everything they experienced while they were there. Many planned on traveling to China again in the future, either as part of their future careers or just to visit. The trip also allowed them to form new friendships, and many of them keep in contact with one another.

Overall, the reunion was a major success, and the organizers learned quite a bit from the student’s experiences, reflections, and suggestions. The Confucius Institute would like to thank everyone that attended and assisted with the event.

If you would like to learn more about the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for High School Students, click here.


The CI at CSU Celebrates Chinese New Year with the Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Celebrate Chinese New Year 2017

The Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University celebrated Chinese New Year with the Cleveland Cavaliers and 30,000 fans on Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve, which fell on January 27, 2017. While the Cavs took on the New York Nets, the CI staff kept busy by letting fans dress up in traditional Chinese clothes, writing fans’ names in Chinese, and handing out gifts.

CI teachers and staff were joined at this event by Jianping Zhu, CSU Provost and Director of the Board of Trustees for the CI, as well as Dr. Anthony Yen, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the CI, Dr. Yan Xu, the Director of the CI, and Xuhong Zhang, the Associate Director of the CI. The teachers, staff, and special guests ran three cultural booths at Quicken Loans Arena – two for calligraphy and one for information, gifts, dressing up, and pictures with the CI’s panda mascot. One of the calligraphy booths was specially requested by the Cavaliers for season ticket holders, who received cards with their names written in Chinese characters using traditional calligraphy methods. They were also told how their names would be pronounced in Chinese.

The evening was punctuated by amazing halftime performances from the Ohio Chinese Association (OCA), as well as the Cavalier Girls. The OCA performed a traditional Dragon Dance, where a large dragon chases an orb symbolizing humanity’s search for wisdom. This performance combined dancing, drums, and martial arts. There was also an incredible traditional Chinese acrobatic performance that involved a unicycle. The Cavalier’s all-female dance team, called the Cavalier Girls, took the court and performed a half-time routine dressed in traditional Chinese qipao and danced to popular Chinese music.

Local and Chinese media covered the event and interviewed members of the CI. These media outlets included Tencent, Leshi, and Fox Sports. The Panda mascot was even featured on the Cavalier’s official Twitter page. During the game, sentiments like “Happy Chinese New Year” and “The Cavaliers wish their Chinese fans a Happy Year of the Rooster” flashed on the Humongotron, both in English and Chinese. The Panda mascot was also featured on the Cavalier’s official Twitter page.

To top it all off, the Cavaliers topped the Nets at home with a 124-116 victory. This event, in partnership with Quicken Loans Arena and the Cleveland Cavaliers, celebrates the diverse culture of Cleveland and continues to bring the community together in celebration of other cultures and ethnicities. 

Lunar New Year Celebration in the Student Center

On January 26th, the Confucius Institute hosted a Chinese New Year celebration with the students, staff, and faculty of Cleveland State University. This event was held in the Student Center Atrium and featured a variety of activities and games for students to enjoy.

Members of the CI offered dumplings and eggroll snacks to those who came to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. A ring toss game allowed students to win prizes, such as panda hats, kites, key chains, and much more. Those who attended were also able to take pictures with a giant Panda, the Confucius Institute mascot. There was also an information booth dedicated to distributing information regarding the CI’s course offerings, Chinese literacy testing, upcoming events, and study-abroad programs.

Other activities included a cultural video, a dress-up booth featuring traditional Chinese costumes that students could try on, and a Chinese calligraphy station where attendees could practice writing Chinese characters with traditional calligraphy brushes and ink.

The event was a great way to continue bridging the gap between cultures, and we were happy to celebrate Chinese New Year with the amazing Cleveland State University community. We would like to thank everyone that came out and participated.

The CI announces its first annual performance competition
To celebrate the upcoming 2017 Chinese New Year, the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University would like to invite you to join us for our annual celebration activities which will be held on the main campus of Cleveland State University.  
The celebration will be highlighted by art performances by students and people from the local community. This time, we will kick off the celebration series with an art performance competition on December 17th, 2016, where performers will compete to win one of the 9 prizes [first award (3), $250; second award (3), $150; third award (3), $100].  The winners of the competition will be invited to perform at the Chinese New Year celebration on February 4th, 2017 and the winning prizes will be presented at this event.  
The art performance competition on December 17th, 2016 will be held at CSU Waetjen auditorium, 1:00-5:00 PM, and a judging committee consisted of members from the organizers (i.e., Great Wall Chinese School, West Lake Chinese School, CSU Confucius Institute, and CSU CAFSA) will select the winners.  
The Chinese New Year celebration performance on February 4th, 2017 will be held at CSU Waetjen auditorium, 4:00-5:30 PM.  A light refreshment reception will be served following the performance.  This event is open to the public but free to the performers.
If you would like to participate in the art performance competition, please fill in the application form or scan the bar code on the poster below before or by November 30, 2016.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year with you.

Confucius Institute at CSU Honored Confucius Institute of the Year

Dr. Yen talking about the award

Anthony Yuantai Yen, Chairman, Trustee Council, Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University (CSU) attended the 12th World Congress of Confucius Institutes held in Xi'an, China. This is his report.


I am happy to share the good news with you. This year at the annual World Congress of Confucius Institutes the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University was one of twenty Confucius Institutes that received the award for Outstanding Institute. This is the tenth anniversary of the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University. 2,500 delegates from around the world attended the Congress.

On behalf of the Cleveland State University, I accepted the award from Vice Premier Liu Yan Dong of the People's Republic of China. I want to thank all the members of Confucius Institutes, the directors Dr. Yan Xu and Zhang Xuhong, and all the teachers, for their hard work and thanks to Dr. Zhu Jian Ping, Provost, and Dr. Ronald Berkman, President of Cleveland State University for their support.

I also thank Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and his team especially Dr. Valarie McCall and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge and her team for their support and all the superintendents and principals of schools of Greater Cleveland for their cooperation and hard work together as a team we earn the Distinguished Institute award.

The Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University will continue to work hard to reach out to more schools to provide teachers to teach the Chinese language and Chinese culture to prepare our children to have a better understanding between China and the United States.

Through communication, we will have a better understanding of each other and generate cooperation and world peace. 

The Confucius Institute Holds Their 9th Annual Teacher Appreciation Day Event:

The Ninth Annual Teacher Appreciation Day with the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University

On Friday, September 30th, the Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University held its Ninth Annual Teacher Appreciation Day event at Waetjen Auditorium on the CSU campus. This event has been held each year since 2008 to celebrate the birth of Confucius and to honor Chinese educators and administration members from local schools in the Greater Cleveland area. This year, the Confucius Institute hosted 34 schools, with 812 students and teachers in attendance for the celebration.

Teacher Appreciation Day began with the singing of the national anthems of the United States and China. Afterward, welcoming remarks were given by Dr. Anthony Yen, Chairman of the Confucius Institute’s Board of Trustees, and by the new Director of the Confucius Institute, Dr. Yan Xu. Also on stage as guests of honor were administrative members from local schools and colleges, which included principals, superintendents, Deans from different schools of study at CSU, as well as guidance counselors and other staff.

This event is largely marked by a ceremony where teachers are awarded certificates of appreciation and other gifts to recognize their hard work and dedication to cultural exchange, along with their efforts in teaching the Chinese language to students of all ages throughout Northeast Ohio. This year, the CI presented awards to teachers from schools including Saint Ignatius, Beachwood High and Middle Schools, Euclid City Schools, Campus International School, and more. As each teacher walked across the stage, they were met with thundering applause and enthusiasm from their students and others in attendance.

After the awards ceremony, the event featured performances from multiple schools that highlighted their knowledge of China, the Chinese language, and Chinese culture. These performances featured traditional songs, dances, and poetry, as well as modern Chinese pop music and a skit that mimicked the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The entire event was an overwhelming success, and the Confucius Institute would like to thank all of those in attendance, as well as our teachers and volunteers who helped in the planning and execution of the celebration. We hope to see everyone again next year.


The Erie Chinese Journal's latest spread on the CI and our Events:

March 31 Erie Chinese Journal Spread on CI

Local Mandarin Teacher Nominated for the 2016 Ohio teacher of the Year Award

See the original article here.

March 18, 2016 -- Ms. Hong Zenisek, Mandarin Chinese teacher at Monticello Middle School, has been nominated for the 2016 Ohio Teacher of the Year Award. Ms. Zenisek has utilized many of the Confucius Institute's programs, such as the K-12 Ohio Speech & Essay Contests.

The award given by the Ohio School Board Association recognizes educators who have inspired students of diverse backgrounds and abilities; have earned the respect of students, parents, and colleagues; and play active roles in the community and school.

This is Ms. Zenisek's second year teaching in the District. Last year, she taught at both the high school and middle school levels. She currently teaches grades 6-8 at Monticello.

Ms. Zenisek earned her undergraduate degree from John Carroll University. She then went on to earn both a Master of Education and a law degree from Cleveland State University. She also has an education degree from China, where she taught at a middle school for two years.

She said the most rewarding thing about her job is seeing students achieve success.

"For example, when one of my first-year Chinese students won first place and another student won third place in the Ohio Chinese Essay competition for middle school last year, I was incredibly proud," she said.

Ms. Zenisek will be honored at a banquet on March 30 at Wellsville Junior/Senior High School in Wellsville, Ohio.

The CI would like to congratulate Ms. Zenisek on her nomination, and we wish her many more successes in her future.

Lunar New Year at the q - The Confucius Institute Celebrates at the Cavs Game.

On February 8th, the CI at CSU partnered with the Cleveland Cavaliers to celebrate Lunar New Year with everyone who attended the Cavs game that evening. While the Cavaliers took on the Sacramento Kings (and won!), the CI passed out panda masks and other giveaways to those in attendance. The Cavaliers dancing team performed a traditional Chinese dance in traditional clothing, and there was also a breathtaking acrobatic act by The Red Panda during halftime. (Pictures Below)

 LNY at the Q

LNY at the Q

Lunar New Year at Quicken Loans Arena

Cavs Girls Celebrate Lunar New Year


The COnfucius Institute's Spread in the Erie Chinese Journal:View Erie Chinese Journal's Page on the Confucius Institute



初中组演讲比赛的教室里,随着比赛选手陆续到达,赛场的气氛略显紧张。主持人朱先扬女士幽默地告诉选手们,不要紧张,三位评委老师看起来都是优雅的女士, 不是“怪兽”。在场的选手及观赛的家长和观众们听闻此言轻松地笑起来,内心的紧张情绪也得到了缓解。比赛正式开始,来自Solon中学的阳光男孩班博凯用 一口流利的中文,纯正的发音,抑扬顿挫的音调,生动地讲述了他学汉语的种种趣事;来自Langston中学的杜梅则以自己匠心独具的绘画做道具,和大家分 享了她快乐的一天;来自校园国际学校(CIS)的爱心女孩王淼描绘了她的梦想,成为一名兽医,帮助有需要的动物,使人类与动物和谐相处。小学组演讲比赛现 场,学前班的萌娃上场,献上稚嫩的中文演讲《雪娃娃》,仿佛带着观众进行了一场“冰雪奇缘”的旅行,赞叹声不绝于耳……

无论年龄,无论肤色,四面八方来客,在克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院交流着汉语学习的成果与心得,展示这门世界上历史悠久而富于活力的美丽语言,期待明年有更 多的硕果,更好的经验,更美的笑容,呈现在演讲比赛的赛场! (文/王丽)























    来自Saint Ignatius High School的艾东宇刚刚学习中文一年,对中国文化已经产生了浓厚的兴趣。此次他精心准备了具有中国特色的鼓乐供大家欣赏。表演伊始,艾东宇一身汉服立于红色大鼓之前,鼓声时而密集、时而沉缓、时而激昂,伴随着中国风的音乐,将学生和家长们带入了远古的中国。


Evangeline Bambakidis(Cleveland Heights High School)、Jayson Blankenship (Medina High School)、和来自Village Academy的Daniel Burke, Drew Stokes等分别为大家带来了《老鼠爱大米》、《对不起,我的中文不好》和中文歌曲联唱,孩子们清晰的发音、欢乐的节奏不仅展现了各自的中文水平,而且将自己在学习中文时体会的快乐也与众人一起分享。

Monticello Middle School的一群尼泊尔小伙子和姑娘们也带来了精彩的民族传统舞蹈,为整个舞台增色不少。来自Shaker Heights City Schools的两位女学生为在场的观众展示和讲解中国古代的化妆文化,也吸引了众多学生和家长。




         4月25日,克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院举办第四期汉语教学研讨会,会议围绕孔子课堂、AP中文考试两个主题展开,共吸引了克利夫兰及周边20余所学校的40余名教师前来参加。克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院中方院长张旭红出席了本次活动。研讨会由由任教于Roxboro Middle School的汉办外派教师郭艳主持。     


          来自Shaker Heights孔子课堂的李璐玲老师详细介绍了该课堂的发展历程及当前面临的机遇和挑战,得到了众多中文教师的关注;分组讨论时老师们各抒己见,综合展示时各组老师讲解明确扼要,会场研讨气氛非常热烈。讨论中,中文教师对克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院在推动当地中文项目方面发挥的作用表示非常感谢,同时也希望孔子学院能够在更多方面支持和促进中文教师和汉语教学点的发展和建设。





                                                                                                                                                       (谢玉玲 文/图)




       汉语水平考试宣讲介绍了汉考的所有考试形式,并根据参会教师的情况重点介绍了HSK、HSKK和YCT。宣讲内容涵盖了考试形式、考试时间、考试大纲等几乎所有的背景信息,并使用样卷进行分析和对比,使教师们对汉考有了清晰而具体的了解。宣讲会期间,来自Western Reserve Academ的Judy老师表示,作为学校中文项目的负责人,看到其他语言项目举办国际认证考试,她非常希望自己的学生能够参加由中国设立的汉语水平认证考试,孔子学院的汉考工作有利于支持中文教师和中文项目更好地深入发展。


(谢玉玲 文)




         本次夏令营得到了美国国会众议院非洲裔议员小组主席、民主党联邦众议员玛西亚•富奇(Marcia Fudge)、国家汉办/孔子学院总部的大力支持。议员办公室主任John Hairston、孔子学院中方院长张旭红出席了本次活动。活动由向淑君老师主持。







(谢玉玲/文   孙浩/图)












 [来源] 美国克里夫兰大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-03-31 15:46:38 

本期活动由王奕祯老师主持,隆娟、晋小娜老师分别主讲中国结和剪纸艺术,整体活动分为上下两场。首先,两位老师分别围绕中国结艺、剪纸艺术这两大主 题,向同学们介绍了两种艺术的产生历史、发展演变、形式花样、主题寓意等,并播放了相关的专题片。让大家对中国结与剪纸独特的外形特点与多变的样式花色有 了一定的认识。


中国结艺体验部分,隆老师利用中国结编织技艺中较为简单的“蛇结”作为教学内容,分步骤、手把手展开教学。每个同学拿着领到的各色中国结绳,认真地 模仿与学习。隆老师一边细致讲解,一边不时地为同学们指导,直到同学们渐渐掌握了要领。每个人编织好人生中的第一条中国结手链,他们直呼“真棒”!


剪纸体验环节中,学生们学习如何剪熊猫和喜字——这两种“最中国”的内容。同学们拿到分发的红纸,按照晋老师的要求,裁好,并折成需要的形状,大家 依葫芦画瓢,慢慢地画出熊猫和喜字的图样儿。剪刀飞舞,不一会儿,一个个可爱的熊猫、喜庆的双喜都剪好了。为了仿照中国剪纸贴在门窗上的习俗,同学们用纸 张代替,将自己的作品粘贴好,彼此展示。忠水八同学说,他的熊猫叫“甜甜圈熊猫”,因为他的熊猫和他一样,喜欢吃甜甜圈。





3月21日,克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院举办本年度第三期汉语教学研讨会。本次研讨会围绕“教与学”这一主题展开,原托列多(Toledo)大学孔子学院外方院长郭爱戈(Aige Guo)受邀从教育心理学的角度阐述了多种教育理论的特点及应用实例。郭老师结合自身教育及教学经历,将深奥的教育心理学理论融入到现实案例的分析当中,深入浅出地讲解了各种理论,使参会教师深受启发。

研讨会上教师们积极互动,围绕“教与学”这一主题分享了丰富的教学经验和感受。Shaker Heights呼延群老师分享的Power Teaching教学法让老师们跃跃欲试,王征老师也总结了在Chambers Elementary School任教实践中如何与学生建立和谐关系的经验,来自MC²STEM的隆娟老师分享了如何处理高中生叛逆期心理特征的经验与方法。研讨会气氛热烈,教师们纷纷表示受益匪浅。





供稿/供图  谢玉玲





3月26日晚,美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院“中国文化角”开展了第六期活动,当期主题为“中国结艺与剪纸艺术”。自本期开始,“中国文化角” 进入到中华才艺部分。









饺子飘香闹新春  喜气洋洋迎羊年

3月4号为庆祝中国羊年春节,美国克利夫兰州立大学的“校园国际学校”(Campus International School)孔子课堂举办新春“饺子节”活动。此次活动由克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院组织,全校教师学生及家长近六百人参加,活动持续三天。







报道:杨颖 供图:李徐玮



俗话说“不出正月都是年”,然而在大洋彼岸的美国小学里,新春的热情在早春二月仍未退却。3月27日下午,克利夫兰迎来了一场春雪,而校园国际学校的体育馆里则春意浓浓。在这里,全体师生及部分学生家长共计500余人齐聚一堂,共同参加2015年春节庆祝活动。本次活动得到了克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院,校园国际学校及其家长委员会、各学科教师的大力支持,可谓是全校师生齐上阵,欢欢喜喜庆新春。克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院中方院长张旭红女士出席了本次活动并发表致辞,她勉励孩子们好好学习中文、学习中国文化,将来做中美交流的使者,校园国际学校校长朱莉·比尔斯(Julie Beers)女士出席了此次活动并充分肯定了五位汉办外派教师在该校的中文教学。








    [来源] 美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-03-24 13:06:21 

3月21日,美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院举行该地区2015大学生“汉语桥”比赛。此次比赛共有9名选手,其中克利夫兰州立大 学的司保罗获初级组冠军,俄亥俄州立大学的石丽娜获中级组冠军;两人将代表孔院前往波士顿参加4月12日的“汉语桥”世界大学生中文比赛美东区比赛。

比赛包括四个环节。在演讲环节,俄亥俄州立大学的石丽娜讲述了《我的中国艺术之旅》,她娓娓道出自己在华短暂停留的一个月当中对中国当代艺术的印象 和感悟;克利夫兰州立大学的司保罗则以《中国是一个美丽的国家》为题,风趣幽默地讲述了他游览张家界的经历。在中国文化题目竞答环节,选手们争相回答有关 中国国情、历史、文化及风俗的题目。

最引人注目的环节是才艺展示,司保罗戴着憨态可掬的自制熊猫面具,表演了现代舞蹈与中华传统武术相结合的《功夫熊猫》,石丽娜则演唱了一曲中国风十 足的《卷珠帘》,仪态大方,歌声婉转;其他选手也都不甘示弱,展示了中国功夫、剪纸及书法艺术等。在最后的嘉宾表演环节,克利夫兰州立大学的中国留学生聂 万业表演了经典京剧片断《春闺梦》,赢得满堂喝彩。

比赛结束后,来自Baldwin Wallace的评委Daphne Chang说:“这次的汉语桥比赛非常棒!”来自College of Wooster的评委Rujie Wang则表示明年将带自己的学生前来参赛。




    [来源] 美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-03-24 10:38:05 


本期活动由孔院教师王奕祯主持、肖艳老主讲。肖老师从“中国在哪里”、“如何去中国”、“去中国看什么”、“欢迎来中国”等四个方面展开主题,介绍 了中国在世界的位置、中国的地理环境、自然与人文概况、去中国旅行的方式、北京的人文历史、桂林的自然风光以及中国旅行小贴士等。这些丰富而实用的内容, 加上教师生动诙谐的讲述,在座学生不时发出欢笑,还不时抛出一个个有趣的问题如“去中国很贵吗?”“长城上都是好汉吗?”“在中国迷路了怎么办?”等等。







    [来源] 克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-03-06 15:03:48 





克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院理事会主席严云泰、克利夫兰州立大学副校长朱建平以及克利夫兰州立大学人文与社会科学学院院长、研究生院院长、现代语言系 主任、金融系主任、城市教育研究中心主任、孔子学院中外方院长等莅临现场。严先生和朱校长分别致辞,充分肯定了孔院在传播中国文化方面取得的成绩,孔子学 院外方院长周海刚获得由美华教职员协会颁发的“克利夫兰州立大学杰出华人教授”奖。



下午一点,在欢快热烈的锣鼓声中,喜气欢腾的舞龙舞狮表演拉开了此次大型文艺演出的序幕,克利夫兰及周边学区和社区的五十余个精彩节目持续表演达五 个多小时,呈现了一场中华文艺的视觉盛宴,让当地民众充分感受到中国文化的魅力,现场不时响起阵阵掌声。中国民乐演奏优雅动听、《小哪咤》囧囧有神、《孔 雀舞》灵动传神、《山村小姑娘》俏皮可爱、《精忠报国》精神抖擞、《水》样的苗族舞蹈清新怡人、《旗袍秀》优雅动人、《嫦娥奔月》美不胜收……两场文艺表 演节目精彩纷呈,令人目不暇接、不禁叫好连连!



倍受鼓舞的是,Saint Ignatius High School高中生进行了别开生面的舞狮表演,以娴熟的步伐、热情的汗水赢得了现场中外观众的阵阵喝彩。克利夫兰州立大学中文俱乐部表演了双截棍、《恭喜 大家过新年》等丰富多彩的中文歌舞节目,MC² STEM School孔子课堂的高中生带来的舞蹈《小苹果》将现场气氛带入了高潮。整场演出气氛热烈、高潮迭起,优美的中国传统舞蹈为整场表演画上了完美的句号, 令很多观众已经开始期待来年的庆典活动。



舞台周边是孔子学院教师们精心策划的文化展台,同样令大量观众驻足,火爆程度毫不逊色于演出舞台。文化展台不仅展示中华文化,还有很多有趣的游戏活 动,是孩子们的乐园。武术展台前太极、舞狮等活动聚集了很多武术爱好者,他们与老师不停地交流、比划,表示希望今后也能有机会参加我们的演出活动;生肖展 台前聚集了很多中小学生,他们用毛笔蘸水彩,画出心中的“喜气洋洋”;中国结展台别出心裁,将传统的中国结改造成发夹、手链等饰品;剪纸展台以丰富的剪纸 介绍展板为背景,吸引了大批孩子和家长前来动手制作;服饰展台更受追捧,无论男女、不分长幼,都兴致十足地试穿各种中华服装并拍照留念;游戏展台前观众跃 跃欲试,夹饺子、夹糖果、夹乒乓球乐趣无穷;书法展台前体验书法的观众络绎不绝,大家还争先恐后地学写 “羊”字;孔院展台前,观众们饶有兴致地欣赏着孔院历年活动图片展,有的观众还详细询问了孔院开展的相关项目;食品展台不仅制作了中华美食示意图,还提供 了饺子、汤圆等春节传统食品及茶饮,让大家既品尝了美食,又了解了中国的饮食文化。



Hudson High & Middle School的18名高中生以志愿者身份参加了本次活动,通过协助孔院教师组织文化展台活动,不仅真切了解到中华文化的博大精深,更加深了对孔子学院和中国文化的认识和理解。

克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院春节文化庆典活动得到了社区、学校等多家单位的共同关注和支持,成为克利夫兰地区中华文化的重要品牌活 动,Cleveland People等多家媒体很早即关注并宣传本次庆典活动;活动当天,克利夫兰福克斯(Fox 8)电视台专门派出记者前来采访,并在3月1日上午进行了报道。



    [来源] 美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-03-03 11:01:06 



凯斯西储大学(Case Western Reserve University)现代语言文学系的中文项目负责人龚浩敏教授着重强调在美国工作应加强合作精神、增进交流技巧、重视具体与细节等,提醒教师们在教学 及其他活动中应充分考虑美国文化中的契约精神等文化特点。Archbishop Hoban High School的中文教师向淑君提出汉语教师应当主动接受质疑和挑战,提高个人能力和水平以保证各校中文项目的深入发展。



据了解,每月汉语教学研讨会是克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院2015年新设立的重要项目,旨在为更多的中文教师提供学习和提高的机会,为开展和落实汉语 教学、文化活动项目提供培训支持,受到了教师们的热烈欢迎。克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院将继续努力强化汉语教师的培训工作,提高汉语教师业务的落实能力。

供稿 谢玉玲;供图 晋小娜



    [来源] 克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-02-22 10:54:44 


为配合孔院本年度的重大活动,在春节前夕,“中国文化角”开展了以中国年为主题的活动。本期活动由王奕祯老师主持并主讲,围绕“春”字,以春节习俗 为核心,分别从春节的别称、历史、节俗、南北春节的差异等多个方面,做了简单的介绍,并让参与的同学们对中国农历新年有了大体的认识。



“体验中国”环节中,在王老师的带领下,来自中国大陆、港、台地区的留学生与美国学生一起,写“春”字、剪“春”字、说吉祥话。剪“春”字活动最受 欢迎。“正方形的红纸,先折成形,再用笔画出半边‘春’字,剪掉剩余的部分……”王老师一边指导,同学们一边跟着学。教室中一片忙碌,剪刀飞舞,没多久, 一个个立体的“春”字就“出炉”了。看着自己DIY的作品,每个人都把快乐与幸福写在了脸上。活动最后,大家纷纷与自己的“春”字合影留念。孔院也向大家 发出邀请,欢迎大家前来参加2月28日(正月初十)在克利夫兰州立大学举办的更加热闹而正宗的“中国年”活动。

2015年春节期间,克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院除了在2月28日(正月初十)推出年度新春“大戏”之外,老师们还在各自的学区与课堂开展相关的春节 庆祝活动。此外,孔院还将与当地公共图书馆、亚洲文化组织、中文学校等组织和团体合作,全方位、立体化推广和宣传“中国年”文化。




    [来源] 美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-02-04 13:38:34 




在体验环节中,学生们品尝了鱼香茄子、干煸四季豆、蘑菇鸡片、孜然牛肉……这些国人耳熟能详的美食令他们赞叹不已。在交流与共享环节中,教师与志愿 者帮助学生们学用筷子,一同体验用筷子传递A4纸的游戏;在游戏中失误的学生表演了极具西方文化的节目,其中墨西哥裔的Lily带领大家一起完成了西班牙 语游戏“不许动”,而后她用刚刚学会的“我非常爱你”,向在座师生表达感谢。

供稿 王奕祯;摄影 李牧



    [来源] 美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-02-04 11:10:39 

1月31日,美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院在2015俄亥俄州中国节上隆重亮相。此次活动吸引了当地及周边近万名社区民众。中国节组委会向孔院赠送了“传承华夏文明 丰富多元文化”的牌匾。

全美著名汉语言学家、全美东亚语文资源中心主任、美国中西部美中协会会长,被誉为“美国孔子”的俄亥俄州立大学大学东亚语言文学系教授吴伟克(Galal Walker)来到孔院的展台前驻足欣赏,并与孔子学院中外方院长围绕当前汉语教学及文化交流等相关问题进行深入交流



孔院准备了丰富的体验项目,包括游戏、乐器、书法等多种活动,受到民众热烈欢迎。拼图游戏、画脸谱等活动吸引了很多孩子,他们围坐在孔院的展台前, 稚嫩的小手紧握着还不能熟练使用的毛笔,发挥想象力,描绘出属于自己的独特脸谱。活动还吸引了一大批大学生,他们用熟练地写出中国古诗句,并用中文与孔院 教师交流,询问孔院的各种交换项目。



供稿 谢玉玲;供图 晋晓娜、李牧



    [来源] 美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-01-29 09:47:41 



王奕祯介绍了新年春季学期“中国文化角”活动的具体安排,接着以生物学与文化学中“基因”概念内涵差异为例,切入当天活动的主题,主要介绍了当代中 国国情、首都北京与中国文化中“崇尚自然”等几方面内容;崔艳华简单介绍了中国武术;在体验环节,李牧示范并带领参与者一同体验中国民间游戏跳皮筋;“交 流与共享”环节中,师生用中文交流各自感兴趣的话题。最后,活动在大家齐唱《北京欢迎你》的歌声中结束。


供稿 王奕祯



    [来源] 美国克利夫兰大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-01-26 09:51:38 

1月22日晚,美国克里夫兰大学校园国际学校(Campus International School)冬季音乐会在音乐厅举行,共吸引百余名家长和民众前来欣赏,克里夫兰大学孔子学院副院长张旭红受邀参加。

音乐会上该校近80名学生共同表演多首中外著名音乐作品,《致爱丽丝》灵动飘逸,《Ram Sam Sam》充满童趣,观众被学生投入的表演深深吸引。


由校园国际学校孔子课堂排演的节目《下雪啦》旋律舒缓、活泼轻快,《雪娃娃》简单明快、朗朗上口,两首曲目与克里夫兰的季节紧密相融,观众们静心欣 赏,情不自禁地露出愉悦的表情。音乐厅内,孩子们用自己稚嫩而甜美的歌声营造了一个纯净的雪世界,观众们也陶醉在一个由中国旋律演绎出的冬季氛围中。

音乐会结束后,张旭红副院长与国际学校校长Julie Beers表示双方今后将在教学和文化活动方面继续增进合作。校园国际学校自2008年开设汉语课程至今,得到校方和家长的大力支持和认可。目前,该校已将汉语外语教学作为自身发展建设品牌项目之一。




    [来源] 美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院     [发表时间] 2015-01-19 10:46:10 

1月10日,美国克利夫兰州立大学孔子学院举办2015年克利夫兰地区首届汉语教学研讨会,来自校园国际学校(Campus International School)孔子课堂、MC² STEM高中孔子课堂、欧柏林高中(Oberlin High School)孔子课堂等13个教学点的17名汉语教师共同探讨本地区汉语教学发展事宜。



来自MC² STEM High School孔子课堂的教师隆娟表示,通过此次会议学到了更多的课堂管理技巧,交流互动促能够进个人教学水平的提高;知悉孔院重要项目的细则有助于教师们将日常教学和孔院项目更好地结合起来。


供稿 谢玉玲;摄影 李牧

鞭炮声声报喜  红灯盏盏迎春


为庆祝中国羊年春节,2015年2月下旬到3月上旬期间,Oberlin学区所辖Langston中学和Oberlin 高中举办了一系列“贺新春迎羊年”活动。此次活动由孔子学院外派教师樊帅组织,大理会项目教师吕金兰协助,全学区一百余名选修汉语的学生及三十余名教职工参与了本次春节庆祝活动。本次活动分为三个阶段:

  • 春节知识介绍




  • 元宵节party


   (四)参加学区第一届International Night活动

     3月19日,Oberlin学区举办了第一届International Night活动,吸引了三百余名观众参加。Oberlin High School的学生餐厅挂满了10多个国家的国旗,每个展台都极富民族特色,让观众们在短时间内就能领略到浓郁的异国风情。

    樊帅与高中的西班牙老师Ms.Beth Hanlon合作,负责中国展区工作。展台前人头攒动,络绎不绝。活动围绕“了解中国”的主题,分为“认识中国”、“体验中国”两大板块。通过参看高中生自制的关于中国的展板,参与者了解了中国的基本常识,并且品尝中国的传统食品。饺子、炒面、糖醋鸡肉、大白兔奶糖......这些国人耳熟能详的美食令他们赞叹不已。孩子们将京剧脸谱的空白纸涂色,打孔系绳做成面具,戴在脸上。其中一个六年级的学生,在涂色的时候樊帅问他:“你把面具涂成红色和黄色的,是因为你喜欢红色和黄色吗?”他说:“不是,因为红色和黄色是中国的传统颜色啊!”可见,汉语课的开设,不仅仅是教授一门语言,还向老百姓打开了一扇通向东方文明古国的大门。