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Licensure FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to complete the Chinese Language Teacher Licensure Program?

It costs approximately $30, 000 (U.S.) in tuition for an international student and approximately $15,000 (U.S.) for a resident of Ohio. For tuition and other
fee details visit: Office of Treasury Services.

How long does it take to complete the program?
It takes approximately 4 consecutive semesters to complete the program.

What are the potential earnings of a Chinese teacher in Cleveland, Ohio?
It depends on many specific details, but beginning teacher salaries in Northeast Ohio public schools start around $30,000 (U.S.) for a 9-month contract.

What are living costs like in Cleveland?
Cleveland is considered a very inexpensive city to live in by U.S standards. A reasonable estimate is approximately $1, 000 (U.S.) to $500 (U.S.) per month for food
and lodging. Other common expenses include health i nsurance, books, cell phone and possibly an automobile.

What visa status is associated with this program (for international applicants only)?
To enter the program, students need an F1 (full time) visa. Students need to remain a full-time student to retain this visa status. At graduation, students can apply
for Optional Practical Training (OPT) status for one year; for current information visit If the student finds employment with
a school district during that year, students can apply for an H1B visa. This type of visa usually lasts for three years and can be extended for up to three additional years.
When applying for the H1B status, or at any time during the H1B period, students can apply for permanent residency (i.e. “Green Card”) status. Once a Green
Card is held for a certain period of time, one is eligible to apply for United States citizenship.

Will I be able to teach in one of the other 49 U.S. states (e.g. New York) if I earn my teaching licensure in Ohio?
This depends on the state that you are interested in teaching. Some states recognize “reciprocity” – meaning that if you are licensed in one state the
other state will recognize your license. Some states (most notably New York and California) do not recognize reciprocity with other states. In such a case, you may
need to take additional coursework, pass specific tests, or go through a procedure specified by the state in which you wish to teach.

Financial Aid
Many students at CSU receive various forms of financial aid during the term of their studies. Financial aid is only available to citizens of the United States;
however, a limited number of assistantships are available for eligible international students. For details about financial aid, visit