Confucius Institute

K-12 Partnerships and Programs

CPL Camp PandaPartnerships with Local Schools

The Confucius Institute has partnerships with many schools and school districts around Cleveland. Through their relationship with the Confucius Institute, the schools receive support and certified Chinese language teachers to help their students enhance their foreign language skills.

Confucius Classrooms

Confucius Classrooms are local institutions, based in U.S. schools, which stimulate and support innovative teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture. Confucius Classrooms adopt flexible teaching patterns and adapt to suit local conditions when teaching Chinese language and promoting culture in foreign primary and secondary schools. 


Hanban, or the Office of Chinese Language Council International, sponsors highly-qualified teachers to work in local schools. These teachers are able to access teaching materials and resources through the Confucius Institute.


The Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University holds monthly teacher-training seminars for local Chinese language teachers. During these seminars, teachers are able to network and exchange ideas with their peers. The Confucius Institute also brings in educational leaders to present about curriculum development, classroom management, and student engagement.

Teacher Appreciation Day

A celebration of local students, teachers, and educational leaders. During the program, Chinese-language students from various schools perform songs, dances, and skits which demonstrate their knowledge of Chinese language and culture.



K-12 students are able to participate in many of the Confucius Institute's programs in order to increase their knowledge of Chinese language and culture. 

Chinese Bridge Summer Camp

The Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for U.S. High School Students (CBSC) was created to promote exchanges between young people in China and the U.S. The camp allows high school students to expand their understanding of Chinese language and culture, thus stimulating further interest in learning about China.

During the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp, students attend Chinese language classes and culture classes where they learn paper-cutting, calligraphy, painting, martial arts, and how to hold a Chinese tea ceremony. Students also visit some of China’s most famous historical sites and areas of natural beauty. 

Partnership with the Cleveland Public Library

To further Chinese education in Cleveland, the Confucius Institute has set up a partnership with the Cleveland Public Library (CPL) in order to make resources easily available to the public. On March 28th, 2014, the Confucius Institute and Cleveland Public Library officially opened the library's "Chinese Corner," stocked with hundreds of books, movies, and periodicals about China. 

The Confucius Institute also hosts a summer camp for elementary students at the library. The camp features Chinese language lessons, cultural demonstrations, and workshops that help the children learn more about China.

Annual Ohio K-12 Speech & Essay Contests

The top Chinese-language students in Ohio compete by composing essays or giving speeches in Chinese about a selected topic. In addition, students demonstrate various aspects of Chinese culture through the talent show portion of the contests. Previous Confucius Institute students have gone on to win prizes in the regional and national levels of the contests.

Chinese Proficiency Exams

The Confucius Institute offers students regular opportunities to take internationally-recognized Chinese proficiency exams. Of special note is the YCT, or Youth Chinese Test, which is specifically designed for young learners. Test results are often used to determine eligibility for scholarships to study in China.