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COURSE 1: Intermediate Chinese Level 1

  • Prerequisite: Elementary-high Chinese proficiency
  • Instructor: Ms. Yuqing Luan
  • Email:

COURSE 2: Learning Chinese through Music

COURSE 3: Learning Chinese through Film

  • Prerequisite: Intermediate-high Chinese proficiency
  • Instructor: Ms. Huaying Wang
  • Email:

Classes: 13 class meetings

Tuition: $150 per course

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The Confucius Institute offers university courses, as well as continuing education courses for adults. Through its educational outreach, the Confucius Institute strives to increase the understanding of Chinese language and culture in the Cleveland area.

University Courses

The Confucius Institute offers credit-bearing Chinese language/culture courses through the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (WLLC) at Cleveland State University to undergraduate students. Current courses include:

  1. CHN201 Intermediate Chinese I
  2. CHN202 Intermediate Chinese II
  3. CHN393 Special Topics on Chinese Language or Culture (Credit Hours: 1-4)
  4. WLC396 Independent Study on Chinese language and linguistics (Credit Hours: 1-4)
  5. WLC396 Independent Study on Chinese language and culture (Credit Hours: 1-4)
  6. WLC496 Independent Study Chinese language and literature (Credit Hours: 1-4)

Contact Dr. Huiwen Li ( to discuss what to select. You may also need to contact your academic advisor to seek permission for course registration.

Continuing Education Courses

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For class information, contact Dr. Huiwen Li (


The Confucius Institute Chinese offers continuing education courses to members of the University and the local community. Courses are designed to effectively educate students at various levels of language ability, from complete beginners to fluent speakers. The Confucius Institute also offers courses that meet specific needs, such as Business Chinese, or Chinese Culture courses for the curious. Courses are held in locations throughout the greater Cleveland area, including the CSU campus, the Cleveland Public Library, and other areas. Current courses offered on CSU campus include:

  1. Elementary Chinese I & II (equivalent to HSK Levels 1 & 2)
  2. Intermediate Chinese I & II (equivalent to HSK Level 3)
  3. Advanced Chinese I & II (equivalent to HSK Level 4)
  4. Advanced Chinese Special Topics
  5. Teaching Chinese through Music
  6. Tai Chi (Tai Ji)
  7. Chinese Calligraphy Basics, Painting Basics, and Seal Art
  8. Chinese Calligraphy (Certificate)
  9. CFL Teaching Empirical Research Methodology


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