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2019 Small Grant for Chinese Cultural Activity

2019 Small Grant for Chinese Cultural Activity

Dear teachers,

The 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year is quickly approaching. The Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University is pleased to provide support to schools or private institutions that will organize celebration activities.

It is our mission to support the Chinese language and culture education. This year, we invite you to submit an application for the Confucius Institute’s support for your Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations.

To apply, teachers need to submit an event proposal and budget.

Event proposal:

  1. If you plan to organize multiple events, you need to submit a separate proposal for every event.
  2. Please provide as many event details as possible, and let us know how your event is related to

      Chinese New Year traditions, or how it reflects Chinese language and/or culture.

  1. Please include information on you and your students’ involvements in the Confucius Institute’s

      programs. Please provide as many details as possible. For example:

       (1).  In 2018, 15 of my students took the HSK tests.

       (2). 2/24/2018, 10 of my students organized a cultural booth at the Confucius Institute’s 2018 Lunar New Year celebration. We showcased the Chinese painting that we learned from our Chinese classes. We also performed a Chinese song.


Event budget:

  1. Please prepare a budget using the CI template.
  2. Please provide details. For example:

       (1). Food: $75 –Chinese-style snacks, dumplings, Chinese tea.

       (2). Activity items: $100—Chinese lantern, chopsticks for games.


Recipient information:

Funding will be remitted from Cleveland State University to your school/organization. Due to accounting regulations at Cleveland State University, we need the W-9 form of the school/organization.

News report

A news report (both in Chinese and English) with a minimum of 5 photos is due to the Confucius Institute within one week of completion of the event.  We will submit it to the and other media. It can be similar to part of the summary report. Photo description is needed for each of the photos. Each photo should be less than 2MB (please do NOT put the photos into the report, instead send the photos SEPERATELY to us). In addition, please keep us informed if your event is reported by any of the media including your school website.


The report should include the following:

  1. The process for planning the event—with whom did you work, how did you plan the event.
  2. Who took part, and what did they do, did your principal or any other school leader attend the event, any other VIP guest.
  3. What were the results and influences – what did the students learn, how did the audience feel about the performance, what were some positive comments etc.
  4. The report should be 1 page minimum.


Application deadline: 12:00 pm, Friday, January 25, 2019

Any surplus from your event must go directly to supporting the Chinese language program in your school or private institution. Confucius Institute reserves the right to grant or deny the application, as well as adjust the amount required.


Click here to apply.

For any questions, please contact Lu Geng via or at 216-523-7142.