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2015 CHUH District Chinese New Year Celebration Report

Happy Chinese New Year: The year of the goat!

The 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration in the CHUH District was a blast. Four schools were involved – Roxboro Middle School, Roxboro Elementary School, Monticello Middle School and Cleveland Heights High School. More than 500 students and their families attended the event and everyone enjoyed the authentic Chinese food and the New Year performances. 


Roxboro Middle School

In Roxboro Middle School, Ms. Tai Kuifang and Ms. Yan Guo prepared Chinese New Year Week—Lunar New Year Knowledge on Monday, Chinese Lanterns on Tuesday, Traditional paper-cutting on Wednesday, Calligraphy on Tuesday, and Dumpling-making on Friday. The students were excited to create traditional Chinese art projects and learning about the importance of the Chinese New Year in China.

Ms. Tai and Ms. Guo met with principal Mr. McNichols to plan the final celebration event, the Chinese New Year Night On March 11. The event started with terrific food and activities and moved into the presentation portion of the night.  The students were excited to show off their paper cutting skills, their Mandarin speaking ability in the 3 wishes, the lanterns they created, the lion and dragon dance, and their content knowledge and tech skills while playing a round of Kahoot with their families! 

Besides these demonstrations and activities, A guest musician was invited to play “Erhu” and a guest college student explained why taking Chinese is valuable for real-life careers.  IB leader Mrs. Melissa Garcar gave a speech at the closing ceremony. Everyone agreed that the night was very successful.




Roxboro Elementary School

Students at Roxboro Elementary are actively engaged in creating traditional Chinese art projects and learning about the importance of the Chinese New Year in China.  Red envelopes, six lucky messages bookmarks, Chinese lanterns and fans are being made in all the classrooms and a parade with a dragon was held during the school day on February 17, 2015.  Ms. Chen asked our school custodian, Paul and her student teacher, Ms. Lin to help prepare the building with beautiful decorations displayed from the ceilings around our main floor. The building looked terrific! 

During the school-wide celebration, students were asked to wear red, Chinese clothing, or Chinese t-shirts from years past.  They lined the hallways and held their Chinese Art projects.  Chinese music was piped over the loud speaker and added a festive feel to our building.  Once the principal Mr. Jenkins called all classrooms to the auditorium 6 students greeted the audience in Chinese (and English) and shared lucky messages.  Ms. Chen then led the audience in two Chinese songs.  Teachers too were wearing Chinese t-shirts purchased by Ms. Chen.  Next, Mr. Jenkins and Ms. Chen asked each grade level to stand at the correct time and share their art projects and their grade level focused item.  Each grade level played a special part of our celebration:

Kindergarten shared traditional Chinese celebration costumes and head pieces

1st graders shared the golden rings

2nd graders shared the Lion Dance & bamboo sticks

3rd graders shared the handkerchief dance  

4th graders shared the ribbon dance

5th graders were in charge of the Dragon dance & lucky messages for Chinese New Year. Every student was given a set of chopsticks to take home, and students were encouraged to eat dinner with the Chinese utensils.  The students and guests were extremely happy to be a part of the celebration for Chinese New Year as evidenced by the clapping, singing, and smiles on faces.




Monticello Middle School and Cleveland Heights High School

The High School/ Monticello Middle School Chinese New Year Celebration was on March 4th. Over 80 students and their families attended the event.  Both High School and Middle School students' performances were amazing. Everyone enjoyed the authentic Chinese food and the New Year gifts. 

Ms. Wang Hong submitted the Chinese New year celebration plan to Principle Ms. Moore of Monticello Middle School and principle Mr. Ross of Cleveland Heights High School. Both of them are very supportive about Chinese program.

Students help to decorate the school’s cafeteria---Large and smaller red lanterns were hung from the ceilings; Banners and signs were designed and made to notify the celebration of the event; students’ projects were posted to demonstrate their achievements; Custodians arrange the table setups of the celebration; Volunteer teachers hung up lanterns made by students; Volunteer students arranged tables of gifts and stuffed red envelops with free homework passes. Ms. Wang arrange for the delivery of food. Ms. Moore, the Principal, designed and printed signup sheets.

In the event, videos of students’ Chinese speeches are recorded and played as part of the program. Then following a rubric, students wrote out their speech regarding themselves in Chinese characters, pin yin, and then the English meaning. These speeches were in discussion of their names, ages, families and their hobbies. Students practiced talking about themselves in Chinese without looking at the scripts, and being shown visual aids. Students learned their Chinese names, and demonstrated their ability to speak, write, and to understand the way to introduce themselves in Chinese. Dragon dance team worked after school hours to practice. They listened to dragon dance music, watched some dragon dance videos, and got to know the background and basics of the dragon dance tradition. The High School students did research on Chinese New Year, made lanterns, and they prepare and practiced for their performance of the popular Chinese love song “Mouse loves the Rice.”

The Heights High & Monticello Middle School of Cleveland Heights-University Heights City Schools Chinese New Year Celebration was a great success! Attending guests were very impressed with the performances, enjoyed the authentic New Year dinner, and loved the Chinese cultural gifts. They can’t wait for next year’s event !