Office of University Compliance

Public Comment on Policies

Draft Policies are posted for 30 days to allow members of the University community to provide comments.  Draft Policies are not effective until they have been approved by the Board of Trustees.  You may comment on the following Policies by sending an email to:  Comments will be forwarded to the official responsible for the draft Policy.

Current postings available for comment through May 15, 2021:​​​​​​​

Proposed revisions to 3344-90-02 Use of space for non-academic purposes policy.

Proposed revisions to 3344-2-06 Expressive activity policy. Please note that in order to comply with new state law, these revisions are currently in effect as an interim policy and will proceed through the policy process as required by University's formulation and issuance of policies policy.

Proposed revisions to 3344-2-01 Formulation and issuance of policies policy.

New 3344-23-01 Involuntary student leave of absence policy

New 3344-92-01 Cleveland state university police, which would replace the current 3344-92-01 Law enforcement policy for public events held on the campus of Cleveland state univesity.

Proposed revisions to 3344-90-01 University space.