Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

MA in Spanish Faculty

Faculty interests and publications

CSU’s graduate faculty in Spanish maintains active research agendas that are enriched by their work with students. The following links to individual faculty profiles include quick access to the CSU libraries’ Engaged Learning pages, where recent publications can be viewed.

  MA in Spanish Faculty
Dr. Heba El Attar,
Spain and Latin America
Rhodes Tower 1625
  Dr. Ana Capanegra,
Delia Galvan Dr. Delia Galván,
Contemporary Latin America
Rhodes Tower 1621
Dr. Stephen Gingerich,
Spain and Latin America
Rhodes Tower 1628
Phone: 216.687.4677
  Dr. Matías Martínez Abeijón,
Spain and Latin America
Dr. Antonio Medina-Rivera,
Linguistics, Latin America
Rhodes Tower 1620