Theatre and Dance


April 4-14, 2019
The Helen Theatre - Allen Theatre Complex
Playhouse Square

TICKETS: 216-241-6000

Written by Team IDEA (Kostas Gakis, Konstantinos Bibis, Athina Moustaka)
Translated by Christina Katsaras
Directed by Dr. Michael Mauldin

$25 Dinner and a Show option on 4/5/19 - information here.

$10 ASL ticket
USE Code "ASL" for American Sign Language performance on Thursday, April 11 only - $5.00 off a General Admission Ticket for this performance!

The final theatre production of the season is the NORTH AMERICAN and ENGLISH TRANSLATION PREMIERE of TREE OF OEDIPUS.

This new play developed by the Idea Tree of OedipusTheatre in Athens is having its American and English language premiere at the CSU Department of Theatre and Dance. It follows the lineage of Oedipus, from Cadmus, the first man and founder of Thebes, through the story of Oedipus' fall and redemption, to the deadly civil war between his sons, and the final battle between Creon and Antigone.

Compiled from several ancient Greek tragedies, including The Phoenicians, Oedipus Tyrannus, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone, and Seven Against Thebes, this sweeping story is told by an ensemble of actors through classical acting, song, dance, vaudeville, clowning, acrobatics, and combat which combine into an exciting theatrical explosion.

English translation by current CSU Theatre major Christina Katsaras. Directed by Dr. Michael Mauldin. Created By Team IDEA (Kostas Gakis, Konstantinos Bibis, Athina Moustaka).

Tree of Oedipus

Oedipus/Guard 2 - Anthony Brown
Cadmus/Tireseas/Voskos - Jordan Ficyk
Jocasta/Guard 1 - Alyssa Jacobs
Messenger/Chorus - Christina Katsaras
Eteocles/Haemon/Agelos - Sullivan Ratcliff
Antigone/Messenger - Madelyn Voltz
Ismene/Messenger - Kamry Williams
Creon/Polynices/Theseus - Eric Wloszek

Director - Michael Mauldin

Stage Manager - Angela Warholic
Asst. Stage Manager - Cody Thomas
Asst. Stage Manager - Rebekah Ferro
Musical Director - Daniel McNamara
Dramaturg - Lisa Bernd
Scenic Designer / Technical Director - Cameron Michalak
Costume Designer - Alison Garrigan
Wardrobe Head - Brooke Myers
Wardrobe - Lilyvette Acevedo
Wardrobe - Jose Veliz
Wardrobe - Suzanna Szabados
Wardrobe - Steven Livingston
Make-Up Head - Izzy Veto
Lighting Designer - Trad A Burns
Master Electrician - Tim Parks
Light Board Op - Carly Huthmacher
Backstage Run - Chace Coulter
Backstage Run - John Cox
Backstage Run - Cara Rovella

Backstage Run - Cameron Wobser


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