Friends of Reflections

Since May 2012, the Cleveland State University School of Social Work is the Publisher of Reflections, after a long stewardship by California State University Long Beach School of Social Work.   Our School has a long tradition of supporting Reflections, with a number of faculty members having written narratives or served as reviewers since the founding of the journal by Sonia Abels, our former faculty member, shortly after she arrived in California.  Cathleen Lewandowski, Professor and Director of the School of Social Work, was recently the Guest Editor of our Special Issue of Therapeutic Services to Veterans, Service Members and their Families.  Michael Dover, prior to his current appointment as Editor (2012-2017) wrote two narratives and edited or co-edited two special issues. The CSU School of Social Work and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences provides important support for the Journal, including Editor course release, graduate assistant, and website support.  Our journal home page is found at:

Our School is now publishing Reflections online via a free registration mechanism, and we have published five issues as of December 2014, with ten issues planned for 2015, in order that we can resume the normal four times per year publishing schedule in 2016.  The financing model provides for institutional supporters such as social work programs and social agencies to serve as Institutional Friend of Reflections.  In addition, individuals can serve as Friends of Reflections or Friends for Life:

There are specific startup and maintenance costs as well as ongoing operational costs which will need to be covered by the Friends of Reflections Account at CSU.  This account will be used exclusively for the set-up, maintenance and support of Reflections and not for any other purpose within the University.

We are asking individuals, schools of social work and social agencies, to step forward with the financial support necessary.  We have established various gift levels for your consideration as follows:

• $250 or more one time contribution – FRIEND FOR LIFE
• $250 one-time contribution or $100 annually – INSTITUTIONAL FRIEND OF REFLECTIONS

Cleveland State University School of Social Work – Dr. Murali M. Nair, Director
306 Chester Building, 2121 Euclid Ave., Cleveland OH 44115-2214  
Phone: (216)687-4561; Email:

The names of contributors but not the specific amount given will be listed on our website.  To make your tax-deductible contribution, you may send a check or donate online.  Checks should be made out to Friends of Reflections Fund at CSU and mailed to Advancement Services KB300, Cleveland State University, 2121 Euclid Ave., Cleveland OH 44115.  Or you can give online at the following link (please see instructions below):

Following are instructions for the above link:

• Fill out initial information page and Click Submit
• Under Additional Questions, choose Please Designate my Gift to
• Click on the down arrow and choose other.  
• Type in Friends of Reflections Account at CSU
• Click Continue for credit card processing and submit.

All contributors will receive a confirmation email stating in part, “Your gift confirmation is below.  If you have questions, please contact Cleveland State University Advancement at (216)523-7291 or email us at”  Also, all contributors will be routinely updated on the status of plans for the first online issue.  I would also be glad to answer any questions you have and can be reached at (216)687-3564.

Please join in making this transition a reality.


Michael A. Dover, M.S.S.W., Ph.D.