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MAGI Student/Alumni Spotlight

Oddai Abdelhamid

AbdelhamidOddai Abdelhamid is a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Global Interactions program at Cleveland State University. He graduated with honors and received his B.A. in International Relations at Cleveland State University. In addition to pursuing his M.A., Oddai was awarded with a Graduate Assistantship position in the Department of Political Science. An avid traveler, Oddai frequently visits the Middle East, where he worked closely with nonprofit organizations volunteering in refugee camps based in Jordan and Palestine. His interests include photography, travel, reading, and historical/political research.

Zachary Bradley

BradleyZachary Bradley completed his undergraduate degree in economics from Bluffton University. He enjoys international relations and hopes to work for a non-profit organization dealing with international issues such as refugee displacement. He would also like to work for the United States government after he graduates. When not studying or working at his local YMCA, he enjoys reading about issues in criminal justice, economic development and international politics. He also enjoys long-distance running and hanging out with his family, friends, and dogs.

Andrew Kovach

KovachA Cleveland native, Andrew completed his undergraduate degrees in Political Science and International Relations from Cleveland State University with a minor in Spanish. As an undergrad, he was the 2016 Distinguished Political Science Student and published research related to economic sanctions in the CSU Honors College’s peer-reviewed academic journal. Andrew currently works at the Cleveland Council on World Affairs assisting in arranging programs for the U.S. State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program; in addition, he helped facilitate an English learning exchange program for university students from Kosovo. His other professional experiences have focused on Cleveland’s refugee community at Global Cleveland and at a local refugee resettlement agency where he launched a crowdfunding campaign for refugee mental health programs. Andrew is passionate about non-profit development, foreign affairs, refugees, coffee, and Cleveland.

Mary Nolan

MaryNolanMary Nolan received her B.A. in history (minor in sociology) from the University of Dayton in 2012. After working for a few years as an accompanist/pianist, she decided to leave for the Czech Republic to get her TEFL certification in 2012. Mary lived in Brno (Czech Republic), Salzburg and Graz (Austria), and Belgrade (Serbia) over four years, teaching ESL for language schools and as a freelancer and attempted to learn Slavic languages and history. She completed four semesters of a master's program in Southeast European Studies (Balkan political science and economics). Ultimately, Mary's goal is to teach history at the community college level. Her interests include music, film, foreign affairs, travel, making stained glass, and the occasional run.

Alex Simon

Alex SimonAlex Simon received a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Spanish from Kent State University in 2014. In 2015, he moved to Spain for a year to teach English. While in Spain, he rediscovered his love for intercultural communication and cooperation, travel, and the Spanish language. He was drawn to the MAGI program due to its interdisciplinary breadth of study in fields that are growing in relevance as the world’s governments and economies grow more interdependent. Ultimately, he would like to work for a startup with an international scope or a multinational enterprise in which he could utilize his language skills and cooperate with clients and colleagues from all over the world.

Elliot Stone

StoneElliot Stone is Mexican American graduate from The Ohio State University. Elliot is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Global Interactions from Cleveland State University.  He is focusing on both specialties offered by the program. He is bilingual (English/Spanish), and also has vast experience in the workforce. Elliot has worked in a range of capacities, from being a legislative intern on Capitol Hill to being a Middle School Spanish teacher.  Elliot also had the privilege of working as a graduate assistant for the Political Science department at Cleveland State University and is looking forward to finishing the masters as the Graduate Assistant for the Export Assistance Network office at Cleveland State University, which is housed in the Monte Ahuja College of Business. He also enjoys traveling, playing the guitar, and spending time with his family and friends. 

Narica S. Williams

NaricaWilliamsNarica S. Williams of Pittsburgh received her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Narica is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Global Interactions graduate degree here at Cleveland State University. While at Cleveland State, Narica is also working as a graduate assistant. When not working Narica enjoys getting involved within her hometown community through volunteer activities geared toward children, minority, and low-income. Narica hopes to one day work for the government or an NGO on international issues as they pertain to humane, environment, political, and economic conflicts and resolutions.