Music Department

Professional Studies in Music Performance Certificate Program

This post baccalaureate program is designed to offer an intensive course of study in music performance, chamber music, applied lessons, ensembles and a recital as the backbone of the curriculum.

Students can work closely with the extremely talented and accomplished faculty of CSU’s Department of Music, which includes members of the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra. This program is offered to qualified candidates who have earned an undergraduate or graduate degree in music and successfully pass an entrance audition. 

Audition Repertoire: For specific repertoire, please contact Dr. Victor Liva at (*Exception: All students with percussion as their principal instrument, please refer to the following site:

For additional information regarding the application process please contact Kate Bill in the Music Admissions Office of the Department of Music, or 216-687-5039

To apply to this new program, please visit the following:

CSU Graduate Certificate in Music Performance

Professional Studies Certificate in Music Curricula
Instrumental Track: String, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion

MUA 6XX Applied study on major instrument 2cr
MUA 603 Recital Prep 2cr
MUA 606 Repertoire 2 cr
MUS 632 Solo Recital 2 cr
MUS 502, 504, 506, 507 University Ensembles (2 semesters) 2 cr
MUS 506 Chamber Music 2 cr
Electives 4 cr

Total number of credits: 16

Keyboard Track Requirements

MUA 611-612 Applied lesson 2cr
MUA 603 Recital Prep 2cr
MUS 632 Solo Recital 2 cr
MUA 605 Pedagogy 2cr
MUS 506 Chamber Music OR MUS MUS 516 Collaborative Piano 3 cr
MUS 576 Keyboard Wellness Workshop (to be taken over two semesters) 2
Electives 3 cr

Total number of credits: 16

Vocal Track Requirements

MUA 622 Applied lesson (621 is only 1cr. Hr.) 2cr
MUA 603 Recital Prep 2cr
MUS 632 Solo Recital 2 cr
MUA 605 Vocal Pedagogy 2cr or MUA 606 Repertoire 2 cr
MUS 501(University Chorus), MUS 505 (Chorale) or MUS 508 (Opera Workshop) 1cr
MUS 501 (University Chorus) or MUS 505 (Chorale) 2cr
5 elective credits: to be chosen from a foreign language, MUS Chamber Music, MUA 605 (Vocal Pedagogy), MUA 606 (Vocal Repertoire), MUS 501 (University Chorus), or MUS 505 (University Chorus).

Total number of credits: 16