Economics Department

Sheldon Stein

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
Interim Chair and Associate Professor
Macroeconomics, Money and Financial Institutions, Economics of Education

Contact Information:

Phone: (216) 687-4520
Fax: (216) 687-9206


Department of Economics
Cleveland State University
Rhodes Tower Room #1752
Cleveland, OH 44115

Selected Publications:

  • "A Beginners Guide to the Solow Model," Journal of Economic Education, 38 (2007), 187-193.
  • "Do Amenities Matter for Attracting Knowledge Workers for Regional Economic Development," (with V. K. Mathur) Papers in Regional Science, 84 (2005), 251-269.
  • "Sums and Products of Jointly Distributed Random Variables: A Simplified Approach," Journal of Statistics Education, 13 (2005).
  • "Vector Autoregression and the Dynamic Multiplier," (with Frank Song), Journal of Policy Modeling, 24 (2002), 283-300.
  • "The Role of Amenities in a General Equilibrium Model of Regional Migration and Growth," (with V. K. Mathur), Southern Economic Journal, 59 (1993).
  • "Understanding Regression Analysis," Journal of Education for Business, 65 (1990), 264-269.
  • "A Dynamic Model of Regional Population Growth and Decline," (with V. K. Mathur and R. Kumar), Journal of Regional Science, 28 (1988), 379-395.
  • "Autonomous Expenditures, Interest Rate Stabilization, and the St. Louis Equation," Review of Economics and Statistics, 62 (1980), 357-363.

Working Papers: