Economics Department

NEO Workshop Program

2016 Northeast Ohio Economics Workshop Program

Registration and Breakfast 8:45 - 9:30

Session 1A: Applied Microeconomics I, 9:30-10:50

  • Authors: David Clingingsmith (Case Western Reserve University) and Roman Sheremeta (Case Western Reserve University) Title: Status and the Demand for Visible Goods: Experimental Evidence on Conspicuous Consumption
  • Authors: Charalambos Michael (College of Wooster)
    Title: Determinants of Asset and Mortgage Backed Securities Market Spreads

Session 1B: Applied Theory I, 9:30-10:50

  • Authors: Toni Ahnert (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) and Mahmoud Elamin (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
    Title: The Effect of Safe Assets on Financial Fragility in a Bank-Run Model

  • Authors: Francois Gourio (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago) and Phuong Ngo (Cleveland State University)
    Title: Risk premia at the ZLB: a macroeconomic interpretation


Break 10:50 - 11:10

Session 2A: Applied Microeconomics II, 11:10-12:30

  • Authors: Justin Gallagher (Case Western Reserve University) and Paul J. Fisher (Case Western Reserve University)
    Title: The Effect of Red Light Traffic Camera Programs on Vehicle Accidents: An Unexpected Consequence of Mixed Incentives
  • Authors: Xiaxi Zhao (University of Pittsburgh)
    Title: Information Disclosure, Housing Markets and Public Health: Evidence from The Lead Paint Reduction Act

Session 2B: Applied Theory II, 11:10-12:30

  • Authors: Myong-Hun Chang (Cleveland State University) and Joseph E. Harrington Jr. (University of Pennsylvania)
    Title: The Social Dynamics of Stigma
  • Authors: Kuzey Yilmaz (Cleveland State University)
    Title: Decentralized School Finance and Metropolitan Suburbanization


Lunch 12:30 - 1:30

Session 3A: Applied Microeconomics III, 1:30-2:50

  • Authors: Martin Saavedra (Oberlin College) and Tate Twinam (University of Washington Bothell)
    Title: Should We Trust Occupational Income Scores?
  • Authors: Irina Hayduk (Kent State University) and Maude Toussaint-Comeau (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
    ​Title: Parental Job Loss and Juvenile Delinquency

Session 3B: Health Economics, 1:30-2:50

  • Authors: Lulu Liu (University of Pittsburgh)
    Title: The Labor Market Effect of Health Improvement: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Rural China

  • Authors: Aliaksandr Amialchuck (University of Toledo) and Kristen Keith
    Title: Does Health Insurance affect Employee Productivity?

Break 2:50 - 3:10

Session 4A: Economics of Education, 3:10-4:30

  • Authors: Richard Svoboda (University of Pittsburgh)
    Title: Grading Colleges: An Empirical Analysis of State College Performance-Based Funding

  •  Authors: Wade Litt (University of Akron)
    Title: Energy booms, the resource curse, and university enrollment

Session 4B: Wage Inequality, 3:10-4:30

  • Authors: Roberto Pinheiro (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) and Murat Tasci (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
    Title: Organizations, Skills, and Wage Inequality
  • Authors: Francesco Renna (University of Akron) and Amanda Weinstein (University of Akron)
    Title: The Veteran Wage Differential