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From television to the Internet to conversations between doctors and patients, communication plays a major role in contemporary society.

The School of Communication introduces students to the study of communication, with courses emphasizing the effects of communication on everyday life, dynamics of interpersonal relationships, and career-related skills. Students take courses from a nationally-ranked faculty. They gain an appreciation for the social scientific study of communication and obtain training in public speaking, news writing, and film production. The School is a hub of activity, with a laboratory newspaper, digital video communication center, communication research center and a theater arts building.

Undergraduate Programs
Communication, B.A. [brochure]
Communication Management, B.A. [brochure]
Journalism and Promotional Communication, B.A. [brochure]
Communication (Minor) [brochure]
International Film (Minor)
Multimedia Advertising (Certificate)
Science Writing (Certificate)
Graduate Programs
Master of Applied Communication Theory & Methodology
Accelerated 4+1 Master of Applied Communication Theory & Methodology
(Strategic Communication)
Culture, Communication & Health Care (Graduate Certificate)