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Cleveland International Film Festival - Filmmaker Panels

Cleveland International Film Festivals - Filmmaker Panels

Cleveland State University’s School of Communication, in conjunction with the Cleveland International Film Festival, is proud to host day-long events featuring visiting filmmakers whose works are being shown in the festival. Members of the CSU faculty moderate discussions on the art, craft, and business of moving image production for both narrative and documentary forms.

Here are links to past years Filmmaker Panels.

CIFF 2017 Filmmakers Panels

CSU/CIFF 2017 Filmmaker Panels

CIFF 2016 panels CSU/CIFF 2016 Filmmaker Panels

CIFF2015 Panels

CSU/CIFF 2015 Filmmaker Panels

Documentary, Independent, Distribution, Exhibition and Festivals

CSU/CIFF 2014 Filmmaker Panels
Filmmakers on Filmmaking CSU/CIFF 2013 Filmmaker Panels
Carried Away by Stories - From Idea to Screen CSU/CIFF 2012 Filmmaker Panels
A Series of panel Discussions on Filmmaking featuring Visiting Filmmakers from the 35th CIFF CSU/CIFF 2011 Filmmaker Panels