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Communication by Hector Vega

Have you wondered how to improve your relationship with your friends, family members, or co-workers? Have you envisioned yourself being a conflict mediator or communication manager? Have you dreamed of being a public relation or advertising professional, or a journalist? If your answer to one of these questions is "yes", please come and join us.

Communication is the discipline that helps improve your life as a private individual, a citizen, and a professional in an increasingly diverse society. As a social scientific discipline, communication offers you knowledge about human interaction in various contexts from interpersonal relationship, organization to community and from face-to-face to communication technologies. As a practical discipline, communication provides you with the skill sets critical to your life and career success; skills such as negotiation, presentation, persuasion, critical thinking, and media technologies.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our school and see how we can help achieve your dream!

Our school was recently evaluated as the top terminal MA-degree granting department in the nation. With two divisions of program emphases (Communication Studies and Journalism and Promotional Communication), the School of Communication prepares students to develop professional skills within a liberal arts education. The communication sector is currently one of the largest employers in Cleveland, with career opportunities expected to double within the next decade. Our graduates are highly employable in this, the fastest growing sector of the world economy.

The Communication Faculty has consistently ranked among the ten most research-productive in the nation since 1980. The members of our faculty have published hundreds of articles and chapters, more than 20 books, and have received numerous grants and Fulbright Fellowships. Their areas of expertise include communication technologies, corporate communication, conflict management, health communication, and media audience analysis.

Artwork by Hector Vega, commissioned by School of Communication