School of Communication

B.A. in Journalism & Promotional Communication

The mass media are the eyes and ears of American society, both reflecting and shaping our culture. In a democratic society, journalism keeps citizens informed about their world and holds political officials accountable for their actions. Likewise, our society depends on the forces of persuasion to advance business and community goals, requiring skilled communicators in public relations and advertising.
The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Promotional Communication provides students with essential skills that professionals need to gather, convey and strategically disseminate information. With the growing interplay among print, broadcast and Web-based media, the explosion of technology, and the sophisticated targeting of niche audiences, companies and nonprofit groups alike are revolutionizing how they convey news or promote their products, ideas and causes.

Special tracks: Three areas of concentration are available within the Journalism & Promotional Communication major: Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising. You will need to complete the requirements for one of these concentrations to complete the Journalism & Promotional Communication major.

For Advising in this major, contact any of the faculty in your area of interest or call 216.687.4630 to be connected with an available advisor.

Why major in Journalism & Promotional Communication?

A major in journalism and promotional communication will prepare students for jobs in the news media, public relations, and advertising. Students with expertise in journalism can be hired as reporters, editors, or technical writers for newspapers, magazines, and online media. An education in public relations can open doors to jobs in PR firms and companies that use promotional strategies to craft a public image. Graduates with expertise in advertising can find employment in ad agencies, working in research or creative advertising development departments. Students who have an interest in effects of media and promotional communication may want to pursue graduate work to prepare for a career as a researcher or professor of mass communication.