Student media select leadership for next year

By Katie Hobbins

May 7, 2018

As Cleveland State University’s student media finish out the academic year, many organizations will be changing leadership.

The Vindicator
With the editor-in-chief (EIC) of The Vindicator Arts and Culture magazine graduating at the end of the spring semester, members of the current staff voted Brenda Castaneda Yupangui as the organization’s new leader for the fall 2018- spring 2019 academic year.

Castaneda Yupangui has been a part of the university’s student magazine for two years, starting as a contributing writer and then culture editor of the organization. She said she wants to build on the legacy of the last EIC in the coming year, while also continuing to focus on stories that represent the mission of The Vindicator.

“What intrigued me the most about The Vindicator when I first got started was its openness and its different perspectives,” Castaneda Yupangui said. “Our stories touch on subjects not often covered in other student publications, and I feel that the Vindicator can foster much-needed dialogue that can be difficult to approach.”

Castaneda Yupangui said that she also wants to build a stronger connection with the student body, reminding students that everyone is welcome to write for the publication.

“I want to be able to develop a community of writers and contributors that feels that they can responsibly express their opinions and ideas, feel fulfilled by the work they do and honor the values we have as a multicultural, student-run publication,” Castaneda Yupangui said.

The Cauldron
KC Longley was no stranger to the process of applying for EIC when she became The Cauldron’s leader for the upcoming year — she had applied the year before. Spending this academic year as the managing editor of the organization, Longley said she’s happy she had the extra time as the newspaper’s second in command.

“I felt like this was the best way it could have gone,” Longley said. “Having this extra year as managing editor was beneficial in the sense that it gave me a full year of being on The Cauldron.”

As for her plans for the upcoming year, Longley said she wants to build upon the work started with the present editorial staff of The Cauldron while continuing to focus on articles that are important to report.

“It’s about not being afraid to find those stories and getting the story — really securing that sense of ‘This is important to me, this is important for other people,‘“ Longley said. “The goal isn’t to make people mad at us, the goal is to write and report on things that people have a right to know.”

Whiskey Island
Whiskey Island Magazine, Cleveland State’s literary journal that is published twice a year features short stories and poems. Incoming EIC for Whiskey Island, Caroline Knecht, said that getting more undergraduates involved with the publishing process is one of her goals for the next year.

“I can say that one of my biggest goals for the next academic year is getting CSU’s undergraduate community more involved in the processes of selecting work for publication, publishing a literary journal, and building and maintaining a social media presence online,” Knecht said.

She explained that she wants to involve students by offering internship positions that will help provide real-world experience for those who want to work in publishing outside of the university.

Knicht said that it takes more skills than what people initially expect to be a part of Whiskey Island but that everyone has their own knowledge to share that could benefit the publication.

“Publishing is a collaborative effort, and even experienced writers are sometimes mystified by the process,” Knecht said. “It’s much more than just ink on paper, and I think that anyone who enjoys reading would find that they have something to contribute.”

The Gavel
The Gavel, Cleveland-Marshall College of Laws’ student run newspaper, completed its publication schedule for the academic year April 2, and The Cleveland Stater was not able to reach any publication personnel by deadline regarding its staffing plans for next year.

Arbela Capas contributed to this article.



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