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Alumni Feedback


Words of Wisdom from Alumni

Take the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary. Take time to identify what your end goal looks like. Put a plan in place and 100% of yourself into your journey. It’s the journey that brings the lessons.
– Karen Kaminski, ’93 BA Political Science

It might not always be clear how you’ll one day use the information you are learning, but chances are you will use that knowledge someday and somehow. Sometimes it happens indirectly; everything you learn changes the way you think and influences how you perceive the world around you.
– Benjamin Gifford, ’10 BA and ’13 MA Communication

Find a passion with your careers—the time spent at CSU not only prepares you for a job, but creates the foundation for finding a way to enjoy life. Do what you love!
– Barbara Reitman, ’08 BSW and ’09 MSW Social Work

An education does not entitle you to success. Rather, an education makes it easier for you to succeed.
– Andrew Puzder, ’79 BA History 2009 Distinguished Alumnus

A Message to current students

Be passionate and prioritize everything you do. Things don’t always go the way you anticipated, but learn from the mistakes and prosper from your achievements. Be positive!
– Richard Janus, ’77 MA Economics, 2014 Distinguished Alumnus

In life, people change and goals change, so it is important to take time out and reevaluate your career goals and then set up a plan to assist in achieving those goals.
– Jordan Stevenson, ’12 BA Journalism & Promotional Communication

Take advantage of the variety that the university affords you. Even if you have very clearly defined career goals, explore subject matter outside your comfort zone, whether that is art, music, literature, physics or anthropology. Undergraduate school may be your last chance to learn things you don’t have to but maybe want to learn.
– Wayne Zachary, ’73 BA Anthropology, 2015 Distinguished Alumnus

You don’t need to know someone to succeed after CSU. A CSU education can give you a solid foundation for a successful career.
– Thomas O’Toole, ’79 BA Communication and ’87 MA Applied Communication Theory and Methodology, 2013 Distinguished Alumnus